1 chapter 1

people believe in reincarnation is a way of giving people a second chance in life to make better and well informed decisions but all that is basically a matter of perspective....well unlike most people have seen the best and the worst of life ....in some instances it's a wild dream ,the one you get after those thrilling adventures, to many trips upcountry but in some horrifying occasions it's my worst nightmare... though I might admit there is so much to life than I thought.... the up and downs that's what is living and I would rather have a curve flat life line than a flat one because that's is called living .....I was to do everything there is, do some mistakes but as well as learn from them .

But for me currently it was already too late to keep learning and living my life because it was soon about to end ..... lying on the floor , with my slit throat ,chocking in my own blood,heart lacing and my pulse becoming weaker by the moment I knew the inevitable drew nearer like a fog engulfing a. closed room with on escape.

This time something was different deep down at the back of my mind through everything fibre of my being I knew this was the last time I was to come back ...a door way appeared and I left my own body lifelessly on the cold floor ..

I was all alone, no one to mourn for me, no one to care ,I was dieing a lonely death ...I walked through the door way and towards the bright light at the far end.

I was still walking towards the light when I heard a deafening sound and loud foot steps drew closer followed by a loud bhang .I was must have been a sleep and it was all a bad dream because when I woke up my mom was sitted by my bedside ,with a worried face ,sweat was dripping down my forehead as ,she took a cold towel and dabbed it on my face and with a reassuring smile said it was all just a bad dream.

for sure it was a bad dream ,but was also one of my biggest fears death and more so being lonely and miserable life with no one by my side.

But at least there was me , Mom,Sue and Jack we were close that they even become my second family.

I got ready for school but on the drive there I could not get over the bad dream...it was so clear,so real ,it was as if I was in the dream both mind and soul it may sound crazy and I even forbid myself from ever saying that again out loud but it almost felt as if it was real as if it all happened but in a different age or era .

The details from the house revealed that it was still during the early 18s ,the floor was made of hard wood , not polished but was well fixed on it's edges, the wall were also wood ..... currently it's hard to see one of those houses expect for the old town on bacon hills where no developments occurred, everything was still the same as it was in the 18s.

was I crazy for thinking such but neither could I shake the feeling of but for now I was to ignore everything well at least until we had already gone for the school camping trip.

every year ,well mid year there is a camping trip for all students in senior year in bacon hills highschool.it was meant to be an out door activity meant to help students become one with nature as well as built team work among students,but for most it was a clear window for them to make out without their noisy parents around.

personally I would have preferred staying back at home but it was mandatory for all senior students to attend or my grades that semester would be reduced to a handful.

But what the heck ,how bad could it be I just hoped that I would at least be in the same group with either sue or jack .

I arrived in school just in time to hear the camping master remarks .He soon got to reading how he had paired us in groups ,I listened keenly to hear which group I had been allocated to .

He flipped pages of his small book , pages and pages again but still I did not hear my name he reached the end of the list and concluded 'and Christine Becker's you are part of the group'.

I was practically shaking when I lifted my hand and everyone's attention was shifted to me .with a shaky voice I said mastering all the courage and strength I could possibly posses.

'Excuse me sir ,have not heard my name in either of the lists' .'Whats you name young girl are you even supposed to be here '.

This always irritated me why did people assume that i was a child because am a little bit short and have a childish voice it was now getting on my nerves but I soon regained my composure and said ' am Claire sir Claire Bennett '

'You are the daughter of Rebecca Bennett' . 'Yes sir I am ' .

well to be honest I came from a long line of Bennett's ,our family name was know to be the founders of bacon hills schools and hospitals .we were a public figure in the eyes of the public but I preferred being away from the public eye something I was not really getting.

But that was something I had to get used to but the only favourable thing about this is I was treated more like a princess most would kill to be in my position,well most except for Christine Becker's, she was the head of the mean squad in school the type that took pleasure in making people's lives a living hell .

once she picked on you the only option would be to change schools a move that most people can't afford since the remaining schools are too expensive and other schools aways from bacon hills were either too far or also too expensive.

' Claire you will be joining Christine's group ' but why was this happening to me before I could protest the teacher cut me short to make the final announcement before being called to the teachers quota .

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