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The Alien came to our world One hundred metallic flying saucers covered the skies of the world’s largest cities, forcing 10 million humans to play their absurd VR ‘apocalyptic games’ each year. [Entering game, round four...] [Human vs. Bio Mutation] [Main Mission: Survive for 7 days] Humanity was forced to survive a series of different apocalypse scenarios: Ice age, Nuclear Fallout, AI Meltdown, Apex predators, etc. all for one promise: [Defeat all rounds and we will leave your world in peace] Every year, with less than 1% managed to survive, the whole world would watch the games in terror as their loved ones suffered and died. After 8 years, Alan D. Angello and his team, humanity’s greatest hope, were also defeated. When all hope was lost, Alan was reincarnated just before he joined the games. Will Alan be able to make a difference this time? ---------------- Author Notes: This is my fifth Novel, hopefully, this one will show all my experience after writing 2000+ chapters and being Top 20 Webnovel Authors for 2 years. Its VR + Squid games + Apocalypse movies If you like any of those you will like this one #SmartMC #System #FullpackAction #Magic #MartialArts #Mecha #Vampire # Werewolf #Zombies #Bloodlines #Alien #War #Romance#SliceofLife #PopCulture **This is not just a game, it's an apocalypse game** MUST Check out the VIDEO TRAILER and COMIC TEASER on www.avans.xyz