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Shelly Bill, a governor's daughter hated her friend twin brother for something he did in the past. She couldn't let go, so they became rivals. They were never friends at school, always finding fault in each other. John in the process liked Shelly, but couldn't see the possibility of anything happening between them because she hated him and he was nothing more than a rival to her, so she was never interested in him. The more she treated him badly, the more he liked her. She was also focused in her future, she was not the best but was working toward that when this new girl came and everything went down. The new girl was in a competition with her, she needed to fight to become the best; was she going to survive it. There was usually a night camp that holds every three years, it was usually held at south Africa. They were later forgotten at the night camp, they faced a lot of terrible situations, not knowing what to do, where to go and how to find help. They faced a lot of difficulties. what Will be their fate, read to know more.


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