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What is Rayuwa

Read Rayuwa novel written by the author DaoistKarima on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, weaktostrong, dark, villain, apocalypse. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


There was a loud silence in Rayuwa. Certain things were never discussed, but everyone knew it was forbidden for the people of Rayuwa to leave the Island. The Only person that was allowed that privilege was the Sarki and his family. It was believed that in the past, to save Lafiya and prosper the land and people, the Island of Rayuwa and its people were sacrificed. They were to carry the burden of keeping the deities happy while they prospered the land and the country. The price that Rayuwa paid for this responsibility was confinement. They were never to leave the island. People had been rumoured to try and escape the Island, but they never made it. Some of them ended up as corpses washed onto the shores of Rayuwa. Soon the people just stopped trying to leave. Binta was born on the island with no hope of ever escaping until she met Adam and fell in love. When she becomes royalty, she can leave the island but the liberation of the people of Rayuwa is paramount and she and Adam work closely together to liberate the people. (The point of view of the story changes. In each chapter, different affected characters will tell the story from their point of view. This is to enable the reader to have the full understanding of the story and also understand how the characters reason.)


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I am allowed to give my book a biased 5 star review. I hope you all enjoy and support my work. Heads up this is purely a fantasy book, so it might not obey the laws of physics ot that of nature, let us read with an unbiased mindset. Thank you


I love the angle of this story. The characters are strong and unique. The setting is broad. Waiting to see how the writer brings them together


My friend told me that our favourite web novel author had released a new and ai just had to read it. I must say that I am not disappointed. far from it. this is not the average shifter romance novel. it has everything from shifter bears to shifter felines, to dragons, to werewolves, to fairies to mages and supreme beings. This book is packed with mystery. thumps up to the writer I genuinely recommend this book to all fantasy book, lovers


I have read all the authors books on webnovel and I am never disappointed. This story is new and refreshing. The characters are different from the other book. Everyone had an angle if are thinking of themselves. I cant wait to see where this story leads. this is a must-read.


This is an awesome story.Unlike what I have read from the author. I hope this book remains here I don't care even if it gets paywalled. the plot seems interesting and engaging and we get to know what is going on in the minds of all the characters. OP


I was asked to check this book out. Wasn't really going to but I am glad I did. DaoistKarima has great stories. I didn't know the author could write from this perspective. Look forward to reading and supporting this book.


A very well written entertaining story. the pace is good and not boring at all. the descriptions are clear. I recommend this book to all magical and shifter romance lovers. This is good literature.


Bless your soul author. Thank you for bringing a new dimension to shifter romance. This is an awesome story. the characters are wonderful. It is so well written that I can feel thor emotions. This is a winner. Recommended for everyone that loves to read good books


Great work. I love the dragons in the book. I like the fact that the MC might be a villainess . I can't wait to see what will happen to the characters.


This is a breath of fresh air. I am truly impressed. i was blown away from the prologue to the current chapter. Please release more chapters please.


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