Rays of Disaster [Discontinued]
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Rays of Disaster [Discontinued]


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What is Rays of Disaster [Discontinued]

Read Rays of Disaster [Discontinued] novel written by the author TataK43_ on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Martial Arts stories, covering action, adventure. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


On a tournament day, a woman who wanted Shin Kayamura to find her unexpectedly appeared. He assured that she is an important person for him and unanticipatedly felt the urge to seek her. Shin perceived that this woman is still alive all this time. A mysterious man showed up in his apartment and tried to recruit him as his agency's member on the next morning. Shin knew that his first step doesn't seem to go right. He accepted the offer and marked it as his second step. He found a new purpose to try another different way of life; it is to venture to know the truth from the woman. Will Shin Kayamura find the reasons behind the sudden flashback after finding the woman? Will he encounter a more problematic conflict as he is on his mission?


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Well, the story plot and character development is quite interesting. The story itself is legit, there are typos and errors, which needs improvement to bring out the gem in it.


Nice story telling and world introduction. The action scenes and the exchanges are pretty good. Just need to brush up on some grammatical errors and typos. Great job! Keep it up :)


Interesting plot and premise. I love tournament type stories like Shaman King and The God of Highschool; so I really enjoyed reading this one too. The author describes the fight scenes really well. And the mc's got a relatable personality. The only reason I'm not giving a 5 star rating is because of the minor grammatical errors. Overall a good read!


Good plot, good story line and most especially good Character development, if you are thinking about reading and you are getting discouraged... hey! Just read and you would see what I'm talking about yeah?


A good read ! pretty decent... but it looked more like a script than a novel... so I guess the author can maybe try adding some more descriptions and paragraphs explaining things to make it more like a novel... pretty good fighting scenes !! best of luck to the author !!


This is a good story with interesting fights around it! I recommend it so much! Personally, I like the attacks name that appeared in this!!! [img=coins][img=recommend][img=coins] But characters are like anime series to me [img=recommend]... it is good, but it must be describing with more details, and the world need to be described too [img=faceslap]...


So, it's pretty decent, the characters and all, with some grammatical mistakes here and there. But it's a good read so please read it in the name of god.


Great initial championship arc. Keep the good work up! ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc


Lots of improvements in the future (lalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalala) (I can post my review now)


After I saw the story, there are two things that caught my attention immediately. "Martial Arts" and "Tournament". These are things that I really look forward too. The story is still work in progress, but I kinda like how its going. Good luck author!


Hello, I am "Takemoto_" which is the author of this novel. I rated my novel "5 star". I know it's kinda bad rating yourself but I need to. The thing that I can say is that Please support my novel. As soon as the story goes to its PLOT, you guys will find it interesting. Next thing that you will know is that you're thrilled to it, hehe. Oh, by the way, here is my other artwork for the MC of this novel "Kayamura Shin". (ps. I am not a good artist so bare with it.)


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