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Dark Elves stormed the sapphire woods, their presence making everything die in their path. Opal their leader, the toughest, selfish and ruthless leader was riding her mighty deteriorating stag leading her army. Her black hair fell down her back in tendrils, her eyes a glowing crimson and pierced right into anyone's soul they were accompanied with a three scar scratch over her left eye, her ruby and ebony armour glittered in the bright moonlight. Her usually clear mind was beginning to remember all the people she killed. Opal just shook her head and sighed almost as if though trying to shake the memories, it worked but it was only temporary.

They happened to wander upon the small town, of Iron Smith, it's people scattered as the elves swarmed the place, burning things, murdering people and stealing, their leader rode her stag boldly onto the old bordered up well, how it took their weight was a mystery, the moons beams shone down on her, being bathed in the moonlight, she felt stronger and revitalized. The only thing she craved was human souls!

Once the town was ash and ransacked the villagers were rounded up like cattle and presented before their leader, with one swift movement of her hand their souls departed and were travelling towards Opal. Once the people were nothing more than just empty husks of what they once were, her army drank their life-saving wine before ripping into the flesh of their victims, like piranhas they stripped the flesh from the bone, but the eyes, hair and nails taken as currency for the underworld market, these items were thrown into the wagon, pulled by a mighty rock troll.

After their feast they carried on their journey, the sun would soon be rising and a lot of her army were tiring, so her Mage teleported everyone back to their underground base.

In a small town of Lowlithen, a young warrior was just waking up. He placed his feet on the cold stone of his chambers, he stretched his well-built body and yawned to himself, Elwith stood and walked to his window to see the land alive and the birds chirping. The sun making his blue eyes glitter in the light. He began to get ready for the day, he ran a brush through his light long brown hair which tumbled down his back and past his belt, it made many an elven maiden swoon, he pulled on his green and brown uniform, he was a high forest elf and captain of the army and today they had new recruits.

As he walked the path fallen with fresh leaves many elven maidens stopped to gander upon him before carrying on their path, his serious look soon transitioned into that of a smile highlighting his sharp cheekbones, secretly he loved the attention he received but being a captain he had to make it look like it didn't bother him.

He finally reached the training grounds and saw many a young man swinging or firing at the dummies. "Elwith Duskwood you're early!" An older elf exclaimed.

"Oh I didn't realize," he replied modestly.

"I need you to ride to Iron Smith there was an attack last night I believe," he told Elwith.

"Opal?" He asked.

"We think so, the forest was dead on the way there and the town decimated but since you've had an encounter before, we believe it's your place to tell us what is going on," The silver-haired elf said resting his hand on Elwiths shoulder.

"Take at least three scouts with you" the older one advised. So Elwith called upon Paolo a young elf warrior with shoulder-length golden hair and sapphire eyes and almost looked like a cherub, Rysaras a brave elf whose long red hair was bound in a ponytail and out of the way of his emerald eyes and his twin brother Rykon his red hair half up and half down. They saddled their horses and rode out. Elwith leading, the twins behind and Paolo last.

They trotted into the forest, they looked around seeing everything dead, corpses of animals laying around, trees leaves rotten, and some trees had collapsed from how dead the roots became. "This is bad!" Elwith exclaimed as he stopped his mount.

"The damage seems worse" Rysaras stated, poking a dead fox with the end of his spear...

They were all horrified when they rode into the town. There lay half-eaten villagers. "She's a monster!" Rykon exclaimed.

"That's why we have to stop her" Elwith replied.

Opal was walking the halls of her underground kingdom, her boots clicking against the ground. A sinister smile plastered on her face as she walked to the dungeon at the end of the corridor. Her cloak dragging against the ground, the mail that was intertwined in it chinked as she walked. She opened the door slowly instilling fear into her victim, her gloved hand resting on the hilt of the sword, she padded forward slamming her heels against the stone floor just to create more terror for her victim.

Opal stopped and threw a lock of ebony hair over her shoulder. "You know why you're here?" She spoke loud and proudly.

"N...no!" The prisoner stuttered in fear. Their lip bleeding, their nose was broken and their skin bruised.

"Yes, you do!" Opal sneered.

"I don't!" The young girl screamed, her green eyes tearing up, her long auburn hair collecting the pure crystals.

"My men told me you were attempting to steal my mount!" She exclaimed, stalking closer, the poor girl shook in her shackles.

"I did not, I was trying to r....rescue it!" She answered.

"I don't believe you!" She exclaimed and hauled her sword from its scabbard.

"But you must!" The girl screamed as her queen came closer. Opal unlocked one shackle and rested the girl's fingers on the anvil in front of her. "Please have mercy I beg you!" She exclaimed crying hysterically. Opal ignored her pleas and tightened her grip before slamming the blade down on all her fingers except for her thumb. The girl screamed and cried out.

"Let that be a lesson to you!" Opal exclaimed, wiping her blade clean on her cloak, she then walked out leaving the girl whimpering in pain and bleeding out. Opal shut the door and steadied herself against the wall with one hand, her hand pressed against her stomach she felt sick! What on earth was happening to her! A guard wandered by and stopped.

"MiLady are you okay?" He asked.

"I'm fine," she answered and then stalked into the darkness. But she wasn't, she needed to be ruthless. She stormed to the apothecary and saw the old shaking man, his glasses too big for his face that they fell down his nose as he shook.

"Opal what can I do for you?" He asked.

"There's something wrong with me?" She replied sitting down.

"What do you mean?" He answered daring to walk closer to his dark queen.

"I'm beginning to feel guilt, I feel all the victims I killed" she answered.

"My queen that is something of greater power than I, this I cannot treat," He told her. Opal rested her hand on the hilt of her sword and ran the apothecary owner through with her sword, he didn't scream and died peacefully. She stormed out her hand resting on her blade.

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