Raven and the Werewolf Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Raven and the Werewolf


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Raven Breswick has lived in New Orleans her whole life as a young witch with a father in the head coven council it’s hard to get away with anything. But one day that all changes when she takes a powerful spell binding book from the most powerful werewolf pack in Ireland named The GreenCrest pack she realizes that there are other things at play deep and dark things. The book holds many secrets and spells Then we meet Luna Evealine Blackstone and her husband Alpha Lucas Blackstone as well as there daughter Sarah and son Sam, many lies and deceptions are at play between all but most important is Sam finding his mate after all he’s 24 now. Raven meets Sam by a twist of fate having to watch his younger sister as a decoy to see what the Luna is really up too. The Luna isn’t who she says she is and the beautiful red headed girl isn’t Lucas’s daughter at all dark magic, a watchful father and evil rogue are to come to play. Sam and Raven try to build a relationship while getting to the bottom of all this. Powers come into play and Raven needs to control and understand that she’s meant to be with the wolf and save the young girl from an ugly fate worse than death.


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