1 Where it all started

~Harry's POV~

I was sitting in the Gryffindor common room, alone. It was late at night. I heard footsteps but ignored them. It wouldn't be something much. Then I heard a soft voice, whispering behind me

'Harry...'. I turned around to find Ron Weasley, my best friend, blushing and looking awkward. I smiled and looked at him.

'Yes, Ron?'

'I can't sleep...' he whispered, again. I offered him a seat but he didn't sit down.

'I want you to come sleep upstairs with me...' said Ron, quietly. He was blushing madly.

'I can't now. I gotta finish our assi~' Ron blocked my mouth. I was kind of confused but just glared.

'Come with me.' he said impatiently.

I got up and walked to our dorm behind him.

'Why do you want me to come so much?' I whispered, trying not to wake up Dean, Seamus or Neville.

'I have a problem... Big one' mumbled Ron. I didn't know what he meant.

'Well... What kind of problem?'

'I think I might like you...'

I gasped slightly. My best friend? Likes me? 'With you like me... What do you really mean?' He went silent and approached me.

As he pulled me closer, I blushed. 'No... Ron, no. This is wrong.' I whispered in his ear.

He let me go and fell back, on my bed. I sat beside him. 'Ron.. I~' He blocked my mouth again.

'Hush... Don't say anything.' I could hear him mumble over and over. I pushed his hand away.

'Ron! What's wrong with you?! You're not the Ronald Weasley I know!' I yelled silently.

'I couldn't resist... I'm sorry!' he yelled back. Now his cheeks were as red as his hair.

I sighed and looked at my feet. 'It's fine... I should be sorry... I shouldn't have yelled' I whispered.

'Harry~' I did something unexpected, at least on my side.

Without him realising what I was about to do, I kissed him deeply, not wanting to pull my lips off of his. After feeling him kiss back I closed my eyes and put an arm on his waist. He pushed me on the bed, towards the pillows and sat on my lap, not pulling away either. We slept together that night... It felt right, but we both knew it was really wrong, especially while other people could easily watch us.

The next day, Dean woke me up when he yelled. I immediately realized that me and Ron were cuddling under the sheets and just jumped up.

'I-It's not what you think!' I told Dean with Seamus looking terrified behind him.

'its not what I think? You're cuddling with Ron, probably the whole bloody night!' Seamus threw at me.

'Oh they have been snuggling all night' I heard a third voice behind me.

I turned around to see Neville with his toad, Trevor. 'I was awake' he whispered.

'B-but we didn't do anything!' I yelled and saw Ron wake up. I looked at him fustrated.

'What the bloody hell is happening?' was his first words.

'I'll explain later'

I mumbled and dragged him to the common room, pulling him to sit down after me. I then explained what happened, he got red from embarrassment and we got up to get to breakfast a little later. As we sat down he held my hand and I smiled cheekly at his touch.

//Hi, readers! I will just mention that the first three chapters will be worse, since I had written them over a year ago and I really had no inspiration on what to exactly do. Every chapter will vary from word count, 450-600 words.