Rapid Accelerated Execution Book

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Rapid Accelerated Execution


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Exzoid Revraux, a 17 years old high school student was summon to the world of fantasy named Argredenhelm including all of his classmate. They are summoned by the gods of the parallel world and are force by the respective god who choose them to become their warrior and compete on defeating the 12 demon lord of the mirror world. Exzoid was choosen by the god "thirteenth" and are given the class brawler and a 2 skill, 20x more experience points when leveling up and all acquisition and usage of all skill without restriction as long as it meet the requirements of the skill called "seed of skills" which is given through the "roulette of fortunes" but their's a catch. For every person are given 2 skill and a class of their own they are also given one skill from the wheels of misfortune and our protagonist acquired the passive skill "attack stat fixed". How will our protagonist survive in the world of sword and magic if his attack's damage will not increase because of the skill "attack stat fixed" and his magical power and mana are nonexistent because of his class as a brawler?


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