Once upon a time in a town called de la Renta in Columbia county , There live a girl who was Quinn Mendes who was in high School . She is shy, innocent, kind and courageous πŸ’–πŸ˜„. While On Other hand's is the school badboy , his name , his eyes, his words can make you shiver to your spine , his name is Diego Pablo , Diego is opposite of Quinn , he is a pervert, flirt, wicked , rude and ruthless. he is also freaking hottest boy in the high School and more over he can get any girl he wants,he have sex with any girl he wants to, and all the girls in la valentina high School are going crazy for him about except Quinn . Quinn herself is self discipline and avoid fight. (I know that y'all are asked then how did they meet in chapter 3 or 4 y'all will know that but now enjoy the story _author pov) . while Diego himself love been shameless and fight too much.

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