1 Chapter One: A Master and Her Apprentice

It has been nearly eight years since the Tensuke City incident had taken place, Koji, who is now fifteen years of age, have been traveling throughout New Eden in search for mystical items known as Dragon claws. These claws has the ability to restore life, to change realities, to grant power to whomever obtains them. Acquiring them, however, is no simple task.

Dragons, revived by the power Ranshio, roam the lands of New Eden. There are ten legendary dragons that holds the power of the dragon claw and the only way to obtain them is by defeating these creatures. The once blazing sun that hovered over the wilderness outside of Augustus City, was completely covered by dark storm clouds that started forming out of nowhere. Koji halted in his steps as he glanced upward, his eyes fixed on the flash of lightning and the sound of thunder.

He felt a sense of nostalgia as his thoughts went back to a time when he lost someone who he had admired, the one that taught him how to control his Ranshio prowess. It was just two years ago, Koji had decided to do some solo training in a secluded forest after getting into an argument with his traveling companions, Vincent and Zack. With his blade in hands, he began swinging at the air before him while altering battle stances with each swing.

He was unaware that he was being watched from the distance by a creature from the dark. A cat like fiend began making its way through the bushes as it bared it's fangs towards the young boy. Koji began drawing in calm deep breaths as he closed his eyes and entered into another battle stance. He held his blade before him while trying to focus on the Ranshio essences that surrounded him. He lacked the ability to control his power but remembered the minor lessons he had with his father.

"(Just focus on the essences Koji)" He thought to himself as he tried drawing in the fire essences that surrounded him. The fiend became instantly impatient as it dug its claws deep within the ground, ready to pounce. It unleashed a massive roar as it vaulted towards Koji but was instantly struck down by a stream of purple lightning.

Koji's eyes had sprung open wide as he shifted his gaze behind him to see a young light skinned girl around the age of fifteen with electricity coursing throughout her body. The remains of the fiend that failed in its attempt to harm Koji soon dispersed into the darkness leaving just the boy and the mysterious girl alone.

"Well that was a close one," said the girl as she turned to face Koji. She wore a purple and yellow jacket with black shorts and black boots. Her hair was brown, long and curly and her ears had hoop piercings around the edge. "You know a little boy like you shouldn't be out here on your own, where's you're parents?"

"I'm not a little boy," Koji retorted, "my names Koji," Koji's blade suddenly vanished into shimmering light as he approach the young girl who's lightning started to recede back into her body "how did you do that just now?"

"How did I do what?" The girl asked while placing her right index finger against her cheek as her elbow rested on top of the palm of her left hand.

"The electricity, the speed, are you infected too?" Koji questioned while pointing his index finger towards the young girl

"Oh so you know about Ranshio? Interesting..." said the girl as she started studying Koji "my names Yasmin Izuru, and yes I am infected with Ranshio my element is lightning," Yasmin began walking around Koji while studying his physique. She appeared beside the boys face, startling him slightly as a soft red blush line appeared across his cheeks. "I can sense Ranshio essences coming off you, I see that you are infected as well, what are the odds."

"Yes, although I don't really know how to access it or control it..." Koji replied in a stuttering manner.

"Hmmm, you don't say...well I can teach you if you want?"

"Really!?" Koji's face had brigthen up at the thought of having someone teaching him on how to control the power he held within. His grandfather knew very little about Ranshio before he passed away. The only teachings he could offer at the time was on how to wield a blade. Koji began clenching both fists in excitement as he watched Yasmin lift up her right index finger.

"Only on one condition of course, I need your help on acquiring a specific item. I can tell your Ranshian element is fire which is perfect for the task I have for you," said Yasmin with a crafty grin on her face.

"I'm not sure how much help I can provide but sure whatever you need," said Koji with a hefty grin. He began muffling the back of his hair with his right hand as Yasmin clapped both of her hands together.

"Perfect from now on I'll be your master and you'll be my apprentice!" Yasmin stated cheerfully.

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