Ranshio Prelude

Author: Terry_Bent
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What is Ranshio Prelude

Read ‘Ranshio Prelude’ Online for Free, written by the author Terry_Bent, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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My Kidnapper Loves Me

I must say she is innocent just by looking at her and that just means I can break her more just by thinking makes me hard , but I could also use a toy for now. she started opening her eyes , time to play with my toy (???)= " Hey babe, how was your nap? *POV*tania* what's wrong with him he just kidnapped me ,HE MUST BE A DUMB ASS FOR DOING THAT!!!!!! , Hahah nap...n...a..p I will punch the demon out of him if that's what it takes to make him pay!!!!! (tania)= " you must be stupid, for kidnapping me. My mother was waiting for me and she will call the , police and they will catch you, YOU SON OF A" he has me pined to the bed in seconds and he gets on top of me i...i...i.i. I feel something hard against my stomach (tania)= " y....o..u you are gross!! YOU MANSLUT!!! (???)= " Hey babe, it's not my fault that you are so damn innocent that it makes me hard, and makes me want to take you here so that tomorrow you won't be able to move out of bed " he....he. is scary what will happen to me, I don't wanna be raped by THIS MANSLUT!!!!! but I will teach him a lesson *I grin* (tania)= " oh Ya? babe I am all yours please do of me how you please" (???)= " oh I knew you could not last so long babe " he starting to get in between my legs. And that was bad if he did i can no longer get him off of me and so when he leaned backwards THIS WAS MY CHANCE I tried to kick him in the jaw and he saw through me and caught my leg I tried to get out of his hold and while that we were wrestling my goal was to get out of his hold and I push my self back and he did not see that coming and with that I had him pined to the bed. I have to say it this was fun (???)= " wow you got me there I never knew a girl can ever pin me down" he said in between puffs (tania)= " well of course I am one hell of a girl" (???)= " well if you are one hell of a woman that you should have not let your guard down babe" and with that he grabs my waist and picks me up like I am nothing and just throws me to the other side of the bed and I am dizzy I can't really move and he takes this time to get in between my legs and asks me (???)= " Hey babe, wanna take a shower together??" And with that I jump up and we hit each other (tania)= " NO!!!! I..i. I am not your toy!!!!!" (???)= " look tania I was kidding and you will soon be mine and mine to keep this is your home now see you soon (MINE) " *he winks while laughing* and with that he grabs a towel and gets into the shower while leaving me blushing once again and this is not my home but as if I was going to be his , first we will have to see that because I am not going down easy. A girl named tania gets kidnapped by a handsome man, was he in your past? or is it just your mind playings games with the memories that just aren't clear from 4years ago? Wanna know what happens next, well read, and please leave comments, and give me stones and stars ( tried to not sound like that, but it came out like that sorry all i am saying is wanna be famous in webnoval if i could:)

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The Knowledger

When a young man dies he finds out that death isn't the end. He wakes up in another world in a new body with an entirely different set of rules. Magic is real and this world is very different from what he is used to. He's totally bamboozled. He's not given a rest as the world collapses around him. He pursues a path of knowledge and power, but will he be able to conquer the challenges ahead of him? Join him on this new adventure as he attempts the obstacles before him with a merciless ferocity. At least 7 chapters a week SNEAK PEAK OF NOVEL —————————————————— A stream of fire caused the large Black Bear to rear backwards onto its hindlegs. A roar echoed throughout the forest as its motion turned from standing 3 meters tall to less than a third of that as it forced itself into a roll on the ground. The massive bear was counter attacking a leopard that hung on its back with its claws dug into its thick fur. The leopard lept from the back of the bear before its monolithic magnitude could crush it in its deadly revolution of weight. The bear noticed that its attacker had evaded its assault and discontinued its roll but it was too late. The jet of fire was back on the bear and its roar had no effect against the constant stream of sweltering inferno. In fact opening its mouth to thunder against the flame only worked against the bear as it only allowed for the blaze to push its way down its throat. With the sizzling of flesh and the purr of a walking leopard carcass a man stood over the now deceased mammal. That man was of course our main character Kroft! With a glance at the remains of the burnt black bear Kroft extended his hand and uttered a single word. “Ayo.” A purple mist unwrapped itself from Krofts extended fingertips and traversed its way throughout the air onto the bear. A much needed UMP made its way into the body of the Black Bear and without a spark of life he arose from his eternal slumber. The bear raised itself from the ground and bowed its head to its new master and emitted a low growl in order to proclaim its respect for Kroft. “Alrighty then, nice to have ya aboard..” Kroft responded.

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