1 The end of my boring life

The year 2021 in a place in Japan

''AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGG'' a boy shouted in front of his computer

''The stupid MC has been given the power of op and still thinking about oppai'' I said in front of my computer

"Hah, it's no use I'm angry, it's better to go out and get some wind" I said as I left the room

My name is Tanaka Godo, a 3rd semester student and a hardcore otaku, my favorite anime is Konosuba, Overload, Tensura, dxd, etc. Even though I'm an otaku, I limit my daily activities to myself.

"Huh, I'm still thinking about Issei, I put aside his obscenity, he is a hard worker, loyal friend, never gives up and is lucky, why aren't people like Midoriya MHA or Hajime Arifureta who get strength as a result of hard work and steel determination instead of yelling at my oppai? poor ddraig'' I thought while walking towards the park

"huh boring if only i could go to dxd i would start a fun adventure" i thought while sitting under a tree looking at the sky which suddenly dark

"Huh, how come it was dark when it came out bright?" I thought before a flash of light struck me and Tanaka Goto's boring life ended.

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