1 Introduction

Karmas, an enormous tower, had appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on top of a very mysterious island named Heavenland.

The island was of an odd shape and was completely surrounded by the ocean. The island, although it looked as though no one had ever lived there, the buildings and structures showed the presence of civilization.

The beauty and layout of the buildings and structures were unparalleled. It was definitely not made by humans, after months of investigation the scientists decided to call that place "The Ruins of The Ancient."

Among all the buildings and structures stood a temple which was noticeably older than all the other buildings. As though it has seen the rise and end of eras and the delicate designs on the stairs the walls made the temple look like it was handmade by God himself. At the top of the temple stood a monolith with writings on it. On it was written a prophecy by an unknown author.

"He who was blessed by God himself, He who has suffered countless defeats. He who stands at the pinnacle of all beings, shall fall prey to vulgar minds and return to the earth on a blissful morning, as he steals his mind, he shall open a door. A door to revenge and only at the end of his crimson-soaked path, shall he rest."

The people who had read the prophecy were shocked as to who could have written such an outrageous prophecy. Knowing that it meant no good they broke the sacred tablet containing the prophecy and continued to explore "The Ruins of The Ancient."

As they proceeded further into the ruins, they saw things that devastated them, rooms filled with bones and a river dyed red with blood and strange phenomena where they would hallucinate their loved ones dying in cruel ways. After that incident they deemed that part of the island as the most dangerous place on earth. 2 months later, the incident which changed the world had started to change.

The tower from time to time spewed out monsters of unknown origin which caused massive destruction to the world and could not be killed with modern weaponry, they could only be killed using one's own fist or a blade.

Slowly and steadily people with power started to appear all across the world, they were called "The Awakened." The Awakened people started to deal with the monsters and obtained rewards.

They slowly started taking over the world and started monopolizing every corner of the world. They started forming Guilds and Parties, this had continued to go on for over 500 years and slowly the prophecy was forgotten.

The promised day had come and it was time the people took over the 100th floor and the 10 strongest awakened of that time joined hands to conquer the floor. After a long battle that lasted for 14 days the result was clear, The Awakened lost the match miserably and they had lost their 2 of the world's strongest awakeners – Azael-The Grim Reaper and Ramon-The Crimson gauntlets.

(They both are awake in a bright room filled with smoke)

Azael - Ramon… Ramon… wake up!

Ramon - Hey… how are we here, weren't we killed by those damn traitors?

Azael - Well yeah, I know and by the way thank you for trying to save me once again

Ramon - It's fine… friends never apologize to each other remember?

Azael - Alright fine… hey can you see this screen?

Ramon - Yeah… what is it?

The System - Rebooting...

The System - Hello!

The System - My name is ------

Azael - Your name is?

The System - It looks like the tower doesn't want me here, anyways I will be quick…

Azael - What do you mean by 'The tower doesn't want you here?'

The System - It means that it doesn't want me here, what else could it mean?!

Ramon - So you are saying that the tower has the ability to think?

The System - You weren't aware?

Azael - No

The System - Anyways small talk some other time… you are going to be given a second chance.

Ramon – (Happily) A second chance!

The System - Yes! The outer gods were very disappointed to see the two of you dying unfairly, so they decided to give you both a second chance.

Azael - Who are the outer gods again?

The System - They look after the tower and they are the ones who select what rewards are supposed to be given and what kind of skills should be shared among the humans.

Azael - Are they the ones who created the tower?

The System - No

The System - The creator of the tower is -- -------------

Ramon – (In doubt) Who?

The System - Never mind leave it.

You both are given a second chance so that you can accomplish your true goal and you both will be sent 40 years before the raid on the 100th floor so that you can reach your goal faster.

Azael - (Amazed) You can send us back in time!

The System - Yes, we can…. actually, this is the first time we are trying it so wish us luck! After you are sent to the past you will be given me.

Ramon - What do you mean?

The System - I mean you will receive a System.

Azael - Why are you giving us something for free?

The System – That's because you will be receiving a penalty as well

Ramon - What penalty?

The System - Penalty for going against the laws of time. But don't worry this is why you will get a System, it will make things 10 times easier for you guys.

Ramon and Azael (Together) - But what is our penalty?

The System - Actually… you... you can't get two different bodies

Ramon and Azael (Together) - What?

The System - Yes. Although we are sending you back to the past, we can't send you separately so both your minds will be brought together into one single body from that time.

Azael - Whose body are we going to Ramon's or mine?

The System – Neither. Both your bodies from the past will cease to exist when you both go back, so we have prepared a new body for you. It's the body of an orphan from the capital, the age of the body will be 14 so don't do anything stupid that might get the body killed because you will be powerless when you go back. You have to slowly accumulate back your power and as a goodbye gift I have gifted you guys 2 new skills.

Anyways I have to go or else the tower will kill me if I stay any longer but remember no one from the past will remember you including the traitors and the outer gods so don't pull their attention before you are strong enough.

Azael - Well what can I say, it was great to talk to you although we don't know your name. We owe our lives to you.

Ramon - Same here we will always be grateful for this second chance.

The System - Okay go now before I start crying!

Ramon and Azael (Together) - Wha…?

(In the middle of teleporting to the past)

Azael - Hey Ramon now that we are going back to the past as being one what do you think our name would be?

Ramon - I have no idea... actually I think I have a good name in mind.

Azael - What is it?

Ramon – 'Raizel'

Azael - How do you come up with a good name so fast?

Ramon - Well, I just thought of joining our names together.

Azael – Interesting! So, our journey as Raizel will be starting soon, are you scared?

Ramon - Honestly… I am very scared. But what else can be done? We have a goal that is to conquer the tower and free earth from it.

On the other hand, doesn't it strangely excite you to see what we can accomplish when we are together in a new body?

Azael - Now that I think about it really is going to be exciting, isn't it?

Ramon - Hell yeah!

Azael - It seems we are going to reach our destination soon, any last words as Ramon?

Ramon - My last words would be 'Let's kick some high rankers ass together!'

Azael - You bet we are goin…

(Teleported 40 years before, an orphan stands on the challenging 100th floor outskirts of the capital)

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