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Kasey Okamoto, a responsible student, and daughter of a well-known restaurant owner in Japan. Even though she came from a well-off family she still chooses to work as a model to earn her own money together with her older brother. She was just a normal and typical teenage girl living her senior high school life until her world suddenly turned upside down as the cheerful, lively, and optimistic Kasey disappeared. Now, that she's in the Philippines with her grandfather, she decided to change herself, as well as to forget and recover from all of the pain and traumatic experiences that came into her life. And, when she met and got to know more about Nice Tolentino together with his close friends at their campus she thought that it might be a stepping stone to heal and forget her painful and traumatic past. At first, she hated Nice for being rude, but, eventually will she fall for him? But, what if, Nice unexpectedly learns about her past, what if he found out the reason why does she act that way towards them. Will it make him get closer and slowly fall in love with her? Or, he already likes her since the first time they met. Will it make him understand her and fall for her more? What if Kasey falls in love with Nice? Will this bring their current relationship closer? What if those people she wishes so badly to forget come back and appear once again in her life? Is she ready to face her past again and start a new one with Nice? [ Hello everyone! This is the link for Rainbow Road if you want to read the rest of the story: https://www.webnovel.com/book/rainbow-road_20223099105206505 ] [Disclaimer: I didn't own the picture/image I used as the cover photo. Credits to its original owner. It's from Pinterest Thank you!]


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