1 Running Late

I wasn't sure whether or not I should try to catch the morning train or just be late. My phone mumbled violently through the pillow to my head. 5:50 A.M. struck on the face of the bright screen. The sound of people's voices echoed while on going trains and cars zoomed just outside of the walls of my apartment. This was the last time I could ever late, I had been late for the sixth time just in the last three weeks and could loose my job if I missed today. I hurried on and threw in my work cloths: black slacks and a blue and white patterned suit with a tie. In no time for breakfast, I quickly slamed the old rusty apartment door and walked away from a place I called home. The sound of wood creaking beneath my feet and the yelling of two raging voices next door would be no more.

Darkness crept into the innocent clouds above as I rushed below into the subway tunnel. Taking the last step of the stairs down to the subway I felt a cool touch of air pass through my body. It was then that I realized that the outside of the train was empty... quiet. The brakes of the train began to loosen and the doors began to shut. I quickly didn't hesitate and ran into the train barely making it inside. I held onto a pole and watched the door behind me shut softly. My body began to shift as the train began to roll forward. It occurred to me that down the aisle of people was an uncomfortable silence. There were ones with tired faces, even ones that looked like they had lost all hope in themselves. I began to wonder... why was it that people had to live such lives where they are worked to death with no time ever given back to live life?

"SOMEBODY HELP!!!" Screamed a woman, her voices streaked through the train as she yelled in horrific pain. "PLEASE!!! SOMEONE!!!" She cried while trying to catch her breath.

I looked down the aisle to see a traumatized woman's face covered in blood. Her long black hair soaked in the blood on her face giving her little eye sight. The violent red on her face began to run down her arms and legs of her dress as she griped her fingers into her face wailing out the pain. She began to cling on the nearest people and screamed of agony and for help. It was like she wasn't even there in the eyes of other people. Everyone stared off in front of them, the woman was actually not there at all to them. The people just sat there as if nothing was happening.

The rythm of my heart began to jump from hearing and seeing this helpless woman. My eyes widend as I backed up to the wall holding the pole I stood next to as tight as posible. I saw her spread her blood onto others as she tried to catch their attention. Again and again, it was like she was not there. I turned myself towards the reflection of the window and told myself not to look repeatedly.

"This has to be a dream! This has to be a dream!" I said to myself covering my ears with my eyes closed.

The light of the end of the tunnel began to draw near but, the train began to shake just slightly as it began to accelerate. I realized that the voice of the screaming woman had stopped and turned to check.

"Ester..." Moaned the woman.

Her eyes were close, so close I could see the refelction of myself through her eyes. The woman gave a sinister smile, her eye brows rose and mouth widend. I could smell the fresh sickening blood and sweat. The odor made my stomach turn as I held my hands across my face to prevent me from yelling and throwing up. I had felt like I stared into her eyes forever as the train began to rumble, throwing me up and down and slaming me against the wall. I never got to see what was on the other side of the end of the light...

The brakes of the train began to hiss as it let it's doors open. I opened my eyes to an empty train. The lights flickered on and off with no particular pattern. It felt cold in every part of my body as I got off the floor of the train. I touched my head to feel dried blood, I musted have been hit uncouncious when the train was rumbling. I looked around for any signs of people around, there was nothing... nothing besides dust which layed upon the old decaying seats of the train. Everything had seemed unfamilar, it was like the train had not been used in ages.

I steped outside the train to look where I was. There was nothing but complete darkness with the sound of dripping water from a distance. Through the silence, I heard soft foot steps not far in front of me.

"Hello?" I asked.

No one answered.

"Anyone there?"

Nothing... Strangley I felt like there was someone there and pulled my phone out of my pocket. As I turned on my flashlight I heard foot steps once again. I pointed the light towards the steps and saw a hand and red skirt turn the corner. The foot steps were fading away. I did not think one bit and began to follow the person.

"Hey wait!"