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what if one day you will realize ,all the famous scientists , leaders you aspired to be were secretly nurtured from their birth by a mysterious organization ? Well, 90% of our brain is programmed during first 7 years of our life . This organisation would be using this idea to create leaders and scientists to control powerful nations and technology . From one such nurturing our lead characters emerges . But before the organization could manipulate them ,they would stumble upon a whole new secret .They would discover that they could actually increase their brain's capacity which is only 10% for an ordinary human being . Their entire life changes when they accidentally gained a mysterious purple crystal .Their world view changes as they discover mythical characters like fairies , dragons . They would start an adventure in the new world . The male lead with his childhood sweetheart start uncovering secrets of the hidden organization layer by layer . Their wicked ideas would bring anyone uncontrollable laughter , their romantic love story would tighten one's heart .

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