Rachel and her Dragon Book

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Rachel and her Dragon


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Rachel is a pure-hearted woman who lives in a village called Grayland, it was a beautiful place for her. Everything was perfect but it changes when the monster rises from their world. Makes all the humans terrified in their village. Rachel wants to help her village but instead, she met a dragon. A dragon who was alone in the forest and not hurting anyone at first she can't describe what will happen if the dragon tried to eat her. But then she saw that the dragon was hurt, the dragon was injured. She cures it, the dragon seems to be tamed by her. It begins to protect her. Follow her, listen to her. Rachel wants to help their village but she also wanted to take care of the dragons. But how will she do that if all humans were afraid of monsters and dragons. Will be she able to hide her pet despite of being a normal girl who wants to take care of her dragon? And now this is the day when Rachel have a dragon


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