6 She: Lustrous Prey

Blackest of void was her fine delectable dress with edges of bloodied crimson lace.

Leaving nothing to the imagination, her luscious lips smirked at her next prey. Despite the hidden conflict in her heart, tall she stood center at the bar.

Speaker's blast grew her mind senile to the peak, so, then, tequila for a devil was she knocked at once and sway her way.

Shivering full of lust was it, as four women endulge their senses in its touch. How unsightly for a division commander to be lustrous towards prostitutes. Long before she already knew they are monsters, hence she flinch not an inch. Change is constant yet not to these government's pretentious servants.

A broad man, then, blocked the way. Fear not! Not a thing would be able to stop her beast.

Crushed testicles of the man made him crouch to her clavicle as numbers of men in suits walked towards the raging beast with their guns pulled out. It was then, that she face the crouching man to the others and snatch its gun.

Bullets poured down like a short rain as she works fast, filling her ears with screams of fear.

'My music, my night... MY prey.'

Scrambling people, she ran to a pole. The lady of death swung her heavy pointy killing boots on a suited man's face and jumped on a ledge.

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Paralyzed by her dangerous stature her prey gulp its drool. Pale complexion, skin fragile to the touch. Red lipstick smiled and licked.

"I've been looking for you."

Standing prey she sneered. His lust would be his death. Shot men on the ground, she walk. Naked as he is, she licked its neck's skin, as its own perked her smooth thigh.

Pushed gently to sit, she kissed him deeply. Knives strapped both her thighs plunged deep into its upper lung down to the leathery sofa.

Hands now, too, immobilized with her knives, she held unto another and cut its shaft though not before she had fun.

Ecstasy first for the wicked.

Slowly... it filled her and rammed. Kissed, then again knives of two pierced its legs. Curses of the most foul thrown at her but bothered not.

She knew it was right. She is no different to the monsters.

But she needed this... she 'thought' she needed it.

She... thought... she wanted it.

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