4 She: Her Childhood Friend

Young and giddy they once were... he once was. But lost then, when she was too, lost. His family, the epitome of high and class, reach the vast of land yet he knelt the soil and grass as he gaze the sky above.

Chose to give the damned the justice, not need he matters his own forsaken. As he finds the truth behind the killed, he finds the way towards the 'she'.

She was his light...

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the light that devours the black, his joy...

the joy that could swallow tears;

and his world...

the world that brought him life as he breathe.

Found nor dead, her body was found not, thus, he sparks still, a hint of hope and a wave of faith. He's strong...

but she's stronger.

He, soon will find her and never will he let go of her.

Little did he know, she is not she once was.

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