3 Killing Spree: Someone...

I wore my underwear, turn the music off and dragged the man towards the basement leaving a huge trail of blood. I should have done it in the basement from the first place. I took a mental note to clean the mess up before taking a good shower. It's just that drugs and blood makes me go crazy and irrational that even my impatience might kill me.

She knew very well where and when businesses should be taken care of but the excitement couldn't be contained after finding out that his manager was one of the monsters she was trying to find.

She flick the lights on and throw the man with her right hand towards the tiled table with straps. While the throw knocked his air out, she quickly cut the ropes that binded him earlier, straping his hands and feet. She, then remove the rag from his mouth and retrieve the tools needed and spread it at the nearby table. "Lynn. Please. I'm very sorry! Just please, you don't have to do this. I'll do whatever you want."

How nostalgic. She told them the same words but did they listened? It fills her with satisfaction seeing him like this. Where was the gentleman and the loving husband? Better yet, where's the prideful, egotistic and oppressive monster that once upon the hellish of times, ate her and her mother?

I picked up a slicing knife and point it towards the light admiring how it glistened, " Mr. Mayr, did you know that you're not here because of earlier?" as he recovered his vision, he furiously shakes his head and trembles at the sight. "No? Well, do you remember a woman named Seina and her daughter Freyja?" I grabbed another knife as silence echoed through the room, "You mean Kendric's two useless bitch? ..."

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My lip twitched. Useless bitch? If anything, they're the useless bitch. Pretending they're a good bunch of policemen and politicians where in fact, they are corrupt and abusive. Seina and Freyja were the witnesses to these but served them for 8 long years, being raped and taking their frustrations towards them. How were they the useless bitch, huh?

"... they're already dead. Why?"

"Why? Because I'm Freyja and Seina's my mother!" as I plunged my right's knife on his appendix and the other on his left lung. "Arghh! Fucking bitch! Why're you still alive?! We set you both on fire! We even bury you ourselves!"

You must be pissing yourself having to see a ghost, yes?

"I came back from the dead for you guys! Isn't it great?! Kyahahaha" they deserve this... they deserve to suffer. They said forgiveness hides a pleasure that you can't get back from revenge. Sure, it won't bring my mother back. But whatever may come, let it be, I'm ready. I won't ever settle with them living their lives freely and exquisitely while me and my mother had been treated lower than animals and were buried alive. They deserve to be punished even after death! IF there's even a life after it.

I twist the knives and pushed it hard. "Arghh! You psycho! My family will know about this... they will find you! They will eat you like we ate you and your mother! They will play you 'til you bleed and throw you like we did so before! I'll see you in hell bitch!" as he started choking in his own blood.

Death? I am not afraid of it anymore. "Oh yeah? You're not going down there that easily." I reached for another but small knife leaving the other two intact. It'll be too easy for him to just bleed to death, isn't it? "How 'bout I pluck your eyes out? I wonder if Satan'll give back your eyes to see and welcome me?" I smirked.

"N-no... don't... " I held his left eye open and raised the scalpel pointing it towards his eye. "N-nonono!" I slowly dug the scalpel down to his pupil and twist it swiftly. He screamed his lungs out coughing up more blood as I laugh, even more so after I pull out his eye with a slushing sound.

"Kyahahaha! Look at me!" I clutch his chin towards me while raising his eye above my mouth dangling its optic nerve and ate it with a crunch. Eyes are like candies and such... crunchy yet smooshy at the same time. An exquisite delicacy I must say. I ate his other eye too. Everything should be balanced, no?

As I end his eye with a slurp, he kept screaming how he'll burn me in hell, and blah blah blah... so I realized we will be having the ultimate reunion there soon, so why not give him a new look? I walk back to the table and put down the bloody small knife and grab another wicked looking. Then, "Now that you can't see, I wonder if you're curious to what things I'm about to do to you. Hehe" he didn't gave a word but shivered.

I should savour their moment of fear and death. He's the first out of five, including father. I want him to be useful even after his dead so I think his face'll be a worthy souvenir or a punching bag, eyy?

I grabbed the wicked looking knife and placed it near his hairline and put pressure. "Oh n-no... pleasee.. NOOO!!!" I drag the knife following the outline of his face and slowly peel the sticky skin off. Well, of course he screamed the entire process but nothing's making it more better than him bathing in his own blood. I plug the sink at the corner of the table because I want to make a juice out of his blood. And mind you, the table is clean for I always sterilize it every morning after workout so blood supply isn't soiled or something.

After having fun with him, my ass grew bored and decided to finish him off. "I never expected to happen all this. Heh. This must be a nightmare, just kill me already. I want to wake up now ha-ha... " as he coughs up more blood. "Hahaha oh yes! Your nightmare, my dream. Wait for us on the other side, Mr. Mayr. We're coming."

She kissed and lick him one last time before grabbing his heart through his opened torso and snatched it under his ribs as he instantly stop breathing and gone limp as his heart beated one last time.

She put his heart and the skin of his face into a huge cooler filled with ice cubes and proceeded to finish him off by chopping him and also putting it in the cooler. I took another mental note to wrap it up to make a delivery uptown later. I proceeded to drain the blood through the sink, into a container and again into the cooler not before taking a sip.

I cleaned the mess and took a shower letting the sound of water fill the air. She have done this countless of times but why is she shaking? She stared at her hands intensely with a dead face before punching the wall for sometime.

"Why... w-why? Mother I was happy. I was glad I have killed one of them... but why? Why does it hurt so much now?!" she screamed, yank her hair and slap her head as she let her self succumb to what she really felt. Finally, she sat on the cold ground hugged her knees and let the water wash her feelings of pain and fear. She is still finding her salvation and giving the world another chance. They told her revenge is not the answer... always did. But she doesn't know what to do, doesn't know what to think of, nevertheless, know how she would put an end to her and her mother's pain and feel in the emptiness.

If someone could just help her she would take that chance disguised as risk.

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