7 Killing Spree: Division Commander Charles

With a black stiletto in a boot, Lynn's frame was covered by a naked woman lying in a sofa touching herself with her right leg raised and left leg bent which was outlined with neon lights that illuminated the dark corner of the street where the club was hidden. She was dressed in a black elastic cloth laced with crimson in a seductively manner. It hugged her every curves so perfectly that one would think she's dressed with tattoos. Her plump lips shaded with deep red and black hair in a high ponytail also matched her dangerously seductive glow. Thankful to the gift of the dark, the scars on her abdomen and inner thighs when she and her mother were buried and burnt were kept well-hidden.

Without much delay, she swayed her way towards the guarded entrance of the well-hidden modern club building. Not afraid of how people would recognize her, she headed straight to the guards, pushing aside the one man in a suit and yanking the tie of the other then seductively whispered in a husky tone,

"Mr. Charles called me."

and released the guard with a smile, gliding her fingers down on his tie slowly.

As soon as the guard heard the name, he gulped and nod, opening the door clothed with expensive thick maroon cotton. Upon entering, the loud music banging from the speakers resounded throughout the long hallway. The strong mixed smell of sweat, cologne and liquor hung in the air.

'Ugh. I hope this trip here should be worthwhile...'

Lynn may be a psychopath and a cold-blooded killer but she was never fond of going inside clubs and bars. She only drinks to death inside her house but hangs out nearby on some of the clubs for job and some pocket money.

He should be somewhere in those private rooms... or if I'm right, he should be up in that cozy sofas looking for some hoes. I've been stalking him for a while so I'm very much sure he's in those sofas specially judging how the air isn't pretty smoky and still doesn't have the smell of his disgusting cum. Yeah, I can smell his... I pretty well memorized and can't forget how he freaking smells... how they all smell!

As she felt herself drowning more and more from the well-hidden inner turmoil she's keeping, she looked very confident and intimidating as both men and women who she walked pass through can't stop looking at her. The world seemed to stop as the music seemed to tone down to listen how she breathed and how her heels clacked on the shiny tiled floor. It acted slow like how the people around her seemed to stop.

Unaware of her surroundings, she grabbed and knocked a glass of tequila from a waiter that was talking to a drunk woman and continued to walk. Her mind is in chaos right now and a tequila can subdue a quarter of it. As she scan the whole bar, she saw at the left corner of the dance hall beside the packed huge stage the man she was looking for.

Four women that were almost naked surrounded the man, licking his hands, neck, and ears. Lynn gagged looking at the unsightly 'righteous' division commnder of the town. She already knew who and what he is but the thought of how people praise and think highly of him definitely triggers something inside her. But then, she laughed at herself of always forgetting how this place was rotten in the first place and was bound to go downhill one day. She retracted a knife from his dress when one of the division commander's guards noticed the glint of the knife and her spiteful stare. He, then, touched his ears and spoke before the other guards spotted her and walked towards her at the center of the crowd.

'Yess~ That's it! Make it interesting! Give me ecstasy!' like a crazy boar in heat she laughed maniacally, earlier's wavering conviction unevident on her actions.

Not wanting to waste another second, he stepped closer to the group of men in black suits headed by the one who noticed her first. She turn her knife around, now facing the pointy edge on her elbows and grab the shoulders of the man before she kneed his testicles violently.

At the sound of popping testicles comes a loud grunt from the man before his head slumped on her shoulders grabbing his waisted manhood. Knowing well the man's reaction, she twist him coolly to face his buddies who were now grabbing their gun after they were stunned of what she did and snatched the gun after from the man on her grip.

Without any hesitation, she fired the gun continuously only aiming at the policeman's men as the loud bang of guns, music and screams ran havoc throughout the entire club.

This is fun! F.U.NNN ! ! ! Only aiming at these men while innocent people are scattered everywhere is very exhilarating to begin with! But this is not why I am here right now. This hypocrite is... dang it! I should've done this sooner!

After she shot the man on her grip, she ran straight into a dancing pole on stage and swing her feet on the man running towards her, smacking her heavy stilleto boots on his head. She then coiled her feet on the pole before swaying and climbing the pole up like a professional pole dancer and jumped to a nearby ledge like a crazy catwoman.

"Well, well. Who do we have here? Aren't you too pretty chill and horny despite the mess down there?"

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She jumped off the ledge and into the ground after throwing two knives with her right hand and pulled the gun thrice with her left killing his useless lackeys on standby.

The dirty blonde woman who was being pounded looked at me with drool still falling out on her mouth continued to pant, the red dyed hair one who was playing herself and masturbating with the heel of the hideous monster has now cummed, the burgundy hair girl who was rubbing her mounts to his butt stopped stroking herself while the other blondie who was being choked on the table is now dead. What are they waiting for? Do they want to see the show too?? It would be fun, I guess. The more the merrier, as they say but it's this monster... I want to watch him suffer alone.

With the knife she threw hitting the arm of the dirty blonde, they all seemed to awaken in their bullshvt state and ran out of the lounge, screaming.

"So it is you...


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