5 Killing Spree: Alexander

' 𝘐'𝘮 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘺𝘰𝘶. '

I sat down and drop the box on the table with Mr. Mayr's head in it, reading the blood-written note. The head was unrecognizable if it wasn't for the test results given by Roland, our evidence technician.

"Why would anyone do this to him?! He is a goodman. A commendable and humble congressman at that. He was my favorite uncle!" Berny threw his hands up. Intriguing murders always kept the thrill. I watch him thoughtfully as he continued to wail about his tortured uncle. I can tell he's tortured to death by how his skin was peeled and eyes plucked out of its sockets.

No one expected this to happen to him. What Berny said was true, he was a humble and praiseworthy congressman, everyone liked him because he was gentle and down-to-earth. He even built a coffee shop downtown where most commoners live and he even visits it once or twice a month and talk to the employees and welcome customers, himself. I mean who would do this to him? Particularly, why? He even left the 'gift' at their household doorstep with this note.

"Calm down, Berny. Wailing will solve nothing. You need to focus." I pat his back hoping it will help, "You're right. We will find him and bring him down." He wiped his face with his sleeves messily and sigh. Berny is my partner, Bernard Mayr. I knew him since high school, he's the kind of guy who's immature on the outside but loving and righteous on the inside. He maybe is a bit jolly and narcissist at times but when it comes to work, nothing could beat his hard work and determination.

"He was last seen at his coffee shop downtown. We should start there." We stood up and head towards the car. After a silent twenty-minute drive, we got out of the car and walked towards a modern vintage coffee shop. We stepped in as a number of eyes were casted upon us when a waitress came and greeted, "Good afternoon, sir! What can I get for you?" as everyone started to whisper and gossip probably aware why detectives are here. We show her our badge, "We need to talk to your manager." After a lengthy pause, she bowed, "Of course, right this way."

We followed her straight to an office as she knocked right at it, "Miss Lynn, you have some visitors." Then a voice responded. "Let them in." the waitress then open the door for us, bowed and left. I understand that their shop's concept depicts of a maid servant but she doesn't need to keep bowing all the time. It'll weird out their customers if they overdo it.

Anyway, a pale petite woman in her mid-20s with a brunette-bunned hair, wearing their shop's maid uniform sat on her ergonomic chair greeted us, unmoving.

Lynn was frozen as two detectives stepped inside her office. Well, she really didn't expect detectives in her office today... not until a day or two anyway. The news about Galemn's greatest congressman in history being murdered must have spread like a wild fire after an article was released an hour ago by some paparazzi about his wife receiving her husband's head in a package yesterday. I guess perks of being famous was that bad.

She composes herself one last time and stood, "Good afternoon, Miss Lynn Meester. I am detective Alexander Aiola, III, and this is my partner, Bernard Mayr. You must have already heard the news."

"Yes, I did."

"Then we're here to talk about what happened here." Alexander saw how she tensed up and quickly hid it but kept it to himself. "Sure. Have a sit, detectives" we sat down as she leaned back on her chair, "I hope you will get to the point immediately, we have a good number of customers today." and gave a strained smile.

"Then, who was the last person that was with the Congressman and what time did he leave the establishment the other day?" Berny demanded coolly and took the lead. This is Berny's field of expertise so I just let him do all the talking.

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"It was me. We were talking around 6pm."

"And what was it about?" Berny stared at her intently waiting for her to make a mistake. "It's personal." she stifly responded. "Are you saying that business is more important than the Congressman's rightful justice?" this is bad, he's getting agitated.

"No. It's not what I meant." she calmly replied.

"Then what is it, Miss Lynn? Don't worry... our conversation right now is classified and only the three of us right now would be able to know about it." I assured her. Looking at Berny right now, he could blow up any minute. I think it's time for me to handle it. "We're waiting, Miss Meester." Berny added when her face seemed too stoic about this matter. "My family. He wanted to support my family and I refused."

"Why? Why did you refuse? You and your family is in a difficult position right now, right? So, why? It was a very good opportunity for you." after chief made us handle this case, we worked hard to know all the people around him and research wide for any possible leads. Reading his coffee shop's manager's background, we knew that her family is buried with debt because of his father who were mysteriously killed. Although the evidence is clear that someone powerful ordered his death because of how clean the kill is no one took the case because all of them treat it as a normal crime done by a thief. After his death, they made his debt their debt. Her mother is also sick while she had a 5th grader sister. That's why refusing her employer's great offer is questionable itself.

"Do you have to know everything? It is my personal reason and I have the right to keep it." sigh. She's right but her every bit of statement and alibis are needed for this investigation. Don't make this any harder for us, Miss Meester.

"Yes, you have a point... but that right could turn tables against you in court, Miss Meester. Remember that this is a very huge case of murder and every last bit of information is needed. So you either tell us now or end up living behind bars." think about this wisely, Miss Lynn.

One wrong move and you'll either end up in prison or somewhere in an alley, lifeless. I'm sure most of the town right now are waiting to know who the culprit that killed their beloved Congressman.

"So what's it going to be, Miss Meester?" as she stared blankly at me, Berny tapping his index finger loudly at the edge of her dark wooden modern table.


"Fine. But I'll tell you after work. Wait for me till then." as she heaved a huge sigh. I don't know why but all of us have their different reasons... and she have hers.

"After six. And by the way, we need your surveillance recordings."

"Yes, sure." and started fumbling something on her computer. "Here, do your thing." I quickly then copied the files while Berny kept staring at her stoic and too composed stature. Well, who wouldn't be suspicious about being too calmed when you're being suspected as a murderer, right? We barely have these kinds of criminals and when they appear, they're the most scary ones above all aside from mentals and maniacs.

"Thank you for your cooperation, Miss Lynn. We'll see you later." Berny finally said, stood up and brush himself. I'm glad he's okay now. He's overwhelming and intimidating when he's either too serious or furious. "We'll wait outside."

When the men finally left, Lynn ran to the bathroom and puke. "No. This must be a dream." She didn't kill Mr. Mayr. No, she didn't. But why're they implying that it was her?!

No! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! I promise! I covered my mouth tightly to keep my whimpers. It was not my fault. It really isn't! I'm sick of him! But I didn't mean for him to die.

I'm sorry...

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