The next morning, Celeste woke up naturally as the sun slowly rose outside. She stretched in her bed before pushing the curtains aside gently. Stepping off the bed, she grabbed her uniform from where it was laid on her chair and made her way into the bathroom.

After brushing her teeth and taking a quick shower, she got dressed in her white button down shirt, her black pleated skirt and some white socks. She pulled her robes on over that and smiled as she ran a finger over the scarlet and gold Gryffindor crest. Then, she tied her matching tie around her neck and left the bathroom.

She headed to her vanity and sat down, careful not to make any noise as Marlene and Dorcas were still asleep. Celeste combed through her platinum hair and thought that she should honour being a Gryffindor with some red streaks in her hair. Once she was done with that, she stuffed her lip balm into her satchel along with her books, parchment, quills and ink. Her bag had an Undetectable Extension Charm on it, courtesy of her older brother, and her father had also placed a Lightness Charm on it.

Then, she slipped on her black Brogues and walked out of the dorm, closing the door behind her gently. She was startled to see Lily Evans walking out of her own dorm at the same time. They both smiled when they saw the other. "Early riser?"

"Yeah." Lily grinned. "Happy to see someone else is though."

"Shall we head down to breakfast? I want to say hello to a few people and go gloat to my brother." Celeste began walking down the stairs with the red head following her.

"Why would you gloat?" Lily asked as they arrived in the common room, which was empty except for some older students sat at the desks, chatting.

"Because he wanted me to be a Ravenclaw, and I'm in Gryffindor. My whole family is in different houses. Killian's the Ravenclaw, he's a third year. Thomas is a Slytherin, but he graduated. Mama was Hufflepuff, and Papa was Gryffindor."

"So you've grown up with magic?" They walked out of the portrait hole and began making their way down to the Great Hall. "Do a lot of people? Will I be behind because I'm muggleborn?"

"Oh, no, don't worry. We don't use magic outside school. Only those 17 and older can. So, we grow up around magic, but we all get wands after we get our letters, and the only magic we do is the stuff we can't control, which I'm sure you do." Celeste smiled, and her eyes glimmered yellow slightly in happiness.

"Your eyes!" The red head gasped.

"Oh! Yes, I need to get it under control. Believe it or not, but most wizards don't know what I am. I'm a metamorphmagus, very rare. But we can change our appearance. It takes some time to control it though and I'm getting better."

"That's so cool!"

"Why, thank you." The platinum haired girl smiled. "Oh, look! We're here!"

They had arrived at the Great Hall, who's doors were wide open. When they walked in, they could see several students on each table, but it was not full, considering it was very early. Celeste turned to look at the Slytherin table and smiled when she saw Narcissa and Andromeda sat there.

"Lily, do you mind if I got to the Slytherin table? I want to say hello to some people."

"Sure. I'll come with you." So they made their way over there and Andromeda stood when she saw the youngest Fawley. The older girl brushed her dark hair from her eyes and smiled.


Narcissa looked up. "Hi, Cel."

"Morning." Celeste smiled as she hugged Andromeda and then air kissed Narcissa's cheeks. "This is my friend Lily." Celeste pointed at the redhead behind her who waved, and the two Slytherins waved back. "Congratulations on Slytherin, Cissa."

"Thank you. Congratulations on Gryffindor."

"Thank you very much." Then, she turned to Andromeda. "I'll miss you next year Andy."

"I'll miss you too, Cel. But, we've got this year, yeah? Now, you might want to go to Killian, because he's been trying to get your attention for the past five minutes." Andromeda pointed behind Celeste and she turned to see her brother waving her over.

"Alright. I'll see you both later. Have a good day." Then, she walked towards Ravenclaw with Lily beside her.

"CELLY!" Killian called.

"Yes, dear brother?"

"Oh, who's this?" He asked, gesturing to Lily.

"I'm Lily. Cel's friend."

"Friend?" Killian snorted. "Good one. How much has she paid you?"

Celeste rolled her eyes and hit her brother on the back of the head. "Shut up, Killian. I can make friends."

"Anyways, since you forgot to send a letter to Mama and Papa last night, I did it for you. Expect a letter back. Maybe a howler of happiness." He kissed her cheek before heading off to his friends.

"A howler?" Lily asked as her new friend covered her face with her hands.

"Oh no. A howler is when someone will yell into a letter, send it and when the receiver opens it, they get yelled at. Mostly used in a bad way, but not with me. They use it to embarrass me."

"Oh no." Lily mirrored her thoughts.

"Anyways, let's eat breakfast?" Celeste linked her arm with Lily's and dragged her to the Gryffindor table, where they both sat down towards the centre, beside each other. Celeste grabbed a mug and then a teapot and poured herself some tea. "Want some?"

"Oh, no thank you. I'll stick with juice." Lily gestured to her goblet that was filled with pumpkin juice. As they began eating, Sirius and James showed up, accompanied by Remus and Peter. Sirius sat down on Celeste's other side and James in front of her, while Remus and Peter were beside James.

"Morning, Cel." Sirius yawned as he dragged a plate of bacon towards him.

"Morning, Sirius, James, Remus, Peter. Good sleep?"

"Better than home." Sirius laughed. "Say hello to Killian?"

"He said to expect a howler from Mama and Papa. Something about not telling them what house I got into."

"Seems we both get howlers today." They continued eating, and as more people filed into the hall, it got louder and louder. Then, the owls began flying in. Celeste glimpsed her family's owl in between all the others, and she landed in front of her, gripping a red envelope.

"I was hoping Killian was joking." She muttered as she untied the letter. She gave the owl – Selene – a piece of bacon before stroking her head and letting her fly off. The envelope was starting to smoke, and she closed her eyes before opening them again.

"Get it over with, Cel." James nudged her foot from under the table.

"Fine." She slid her nail under the glued down flap and opened it. it floated up in front of her and she took a deep breath.

"CELESTE VICTORIA FAWLEY! HOW DARE YOU NOT SEND US A LETTER TELLING US WHAT HOUSE YOU GOT IN! WE FOUND OUT BECAUSE KILLIAN SENT A LETTER! KILLIAN! WOULD YOU BELIEVE! I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED THAT YOU DIDN'T TELL US!" Her mother's voice rang out across the hall, and Celeste's cheeks flushed pink as her hair and eyes slowly turned the same colour.


Celeste's hair faded slightly, turning more yellow as she smiled when he said he was proud. "DON'T THINK I'M NOT PROUD TOO, MA CHERIE! JE SUIS SE FIER! TOUT NOS FÉLICITATIONS, CELLY!" Her mother's voice turned sweet. (trans: I am so proud! Congratulations!)


Then, the letter exploded in glitter and confetti, leaving the platinum hair girl – now with golden hair – with a massive beaming face as she smiled down at the letter.

"That wasn't too bad, was it?" Sirius asked her.

"No. But that will be." She pointed at the owl that had just stopped in front of Sirius. The Black family owl. And it was gripping a red envelope. "Bet you Lucius sent a letter."

Sirius scowled at the mention of the Malfoy heir. He was betrothed to Narcissa from birth, and he had a grudge against Sirius, making sure to always rat him out to his mother and father. "Wouldn't be surprised if he did."

"Best get it done with, yeah?" Celeste slipped her hand into Sirius' and he smiled at her before opening the letter.


The letter caught on fire and turned into ashes that dropped onto the bacon. "My bacon." Sirius whined.

"Sirius, your mother knows way too many synonyms for bad." Celeste rolled her eyes at Walburga's dramatic reply.

"Do you think she bought a thesaurus just for this?" He replied.

"Maybe. Anyways, you're coming to mine for Christmas, anyways. I'll send your mother a letter asking if Reg can come, yeah?"

"Sounds great."

"Speaking of Christmas! James, would you like to come with us? You obviously will need to ask your mum and dad. But, Papa said I could invite anyone I wanted." Celeste remembered what her father had said. "You as well Lily! And you two!" She said, looking at the girl, then at Remus and Peter.

"I would love too. I'll send them a letter later today." James smiled in response.

"Oh, well, I'll have to ask my parents as well. But thank you so much for inviting me!" Lily smiled as well.

"Yes, thank you for the invite. I'll send a letter and tell you what they said." Remus replied.

"I would love to, but I don't want to leave my mother alone." Peter frowned.

"Well, maybe you and her could come visit for a day, and then head back home?" Celeste offered, not wanting the boy to feel left out. His frown turned into a smile and he nodded thankfully, saying he would ask his mother.

Soon enough, Marlene, Dorcas, Alice and Mary came back. Celeste wanted to ask Dorcas and Marlene to come over, but she didn't want to do that in front of Alice and Mary whom she didn't know that well, so she decided to wait until later.

So, she pulled some parchment out of her bag, her quill and a bottle of ink, which she dipped her quill into and began writing.

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Dear Walburga,

I hope everything is going well with you, Walburga. Hoping everyone is healthy and well. I was just writing to you to ask if Regulus to come and spend Christmas with my family and me. I didn't want him to feel alone.

Thank you for your time,

Celeste Fawley

She lifted the paper and gave it to Sirius. "Sound okay?"

He read it over quickly and handed it back to her. "Brilliant. Want to use Leo?"

"Best not to. They'll think you're in on this and won't let Reg come over. I'll use one of the school owls."

"Alright." He nodded. "Smart."

"I always am." She smiled.

James piped up. "We're just going to ignore the fact that Sirius' mother just...did that?"

"Mate, that's normal. My mother's mental." Sirius shook his head, used to dismissing his mother's behaviour.

"Yeah, Sirius' parents aren't very...accommodating to non-Slytherins, and non-purebloods. That's why my father told me to tell Sirius he's coming over for Christmas. He spends a lot of time at Fawley manor, him, his brother Regulus, sometimes Andy." Celeste explained. James nodded.

McGonagall then came over to their table and began handing out their timetables. Celeste examined hers carefully.



Charms – Prof. Flitwick (8:30AM – 9:30AM) – with Ravenclaws

Transfiguration – Prof. McGonagall (9:30AM – 10:30AM) – with Slytherins

Transfiguration – Prof. McGonagall (10:30AM – 11:30AM) – with Slytherins

Herbology – Prof. Sprout (11:30AM – 12:30PM) – with Hufflepuffs


History of Magic – Prof. Binns (2:00PM – 3:00PM) with Ravenclaws




Potions – Prof. Slughorn (8:30AM – 9:30AM) – with Slytherins

Potions – Prof. Slughorn (9:30AM – 10:30AM) – with Slytherins

Defense Against the Dark Arts – Prof. Burbank (10:30AM – 11:30AM) – with Slytherins

Free lesson (11:30AM – 12:30PM)


History of Magic – Prof. Binns (2:00PM – 3:00PM) with Ravenclaws

Herbology – Prof. Sprout (3:00PM – 4:00PM) – with Hufflepuffs


Astronomy (12:00AM – 1:00AM) – Gryffindors only



Defense Against the Dark Arts – Prof. Burbank (8:30AM – 9:30AM) – with Slytherins

Defense Against the Dark Arts – Prof. Burbank (9:30AM – 10:30AM) – with Slytherins

Herbology – Prof. Sprout (10:30AM – 11:30AM) – with Hufflepuffs

Herbology – Prof. Sprout (11:30AM – 12:30PM) – with Hufflepuffs


History of Magic – Prof. Binns (2:00PM – 3:00PM) – with Ravenclaws




History of Magic – Prof. Binns (8:30AM – 9:30AM) – with Ravenclaws

Potions – Prof. Slughorn (9:30AM – 10:30AM) – with Slytherins

Charms – Prof. Flitwick (10:30AM – 11:30AM) – with Ravenclaws

Charms – Prof. Flitwick (11:30AM – 12:30PM) – with Ravenclaws


Transfiguration – Prof. McGonagall (2:00PM – 3:00PM) – with Slytherins


Astronomy (12:00AM – 1:00AM) – Gryffindors only



Transfiguration – Prof. McGonagall (8:30AM – 9:30AM) – with Slytherins

Potions – Prof. Slughorn (9:30AM – 10:30AM) – with Slytherins

Free lesson (10:30AM – 11:30AM)

Flying – Madam Hooch (11:30AM – 12:30PM) – with all houses


Charms – Prof. Flitwick (2:00PM – 3:00PM) – with Ravenclaws

Defense Against the Dark Arts – Prof. Burbank (3:00PM – 4:00PM) – with Slytherins



- Breakfast is from 6:30AM to 8:30AM.

- Lunch is from 12:30PM to 2:00PM.

- Dinner is from 6:00PM to 8:00PM.

- You are allowed 5 minutes from the start of class time to get to your classes before you are marked as late.

"Cel, shouldn't we be heading off to class?" Lily asked

"No harm if we're a little late." Celeste shrugged, giggling when Lily gave her a shocked look.

"A lot of harm. We could lose house points. I'm heading off early." Lily stood. "I'll see you in class."

When Lily left, Celeste turned to Marlene. "What did we have first?" She had stuffed her timetable into her bag the second she got it and was too lazy to get it out now.

Marlene giggled, before checking her timetable. "Charms with Ravenclaw."

"Brilliant." Celeste finished off her juice and placed the cup down before standing up. She slung her bag over her shoulder. "I'll be heading off to class. Anyone want to join me?" She looked at everyone still sitting at the table.

Marlene stood. "Oooh, I'll come!"

"I'll be there in a bit. Save me a seat beside you, yeah?" Sirius looked up at her, and she nodded.


"I'll be there in a bit too." James replied.

"I'll come with you." Remus stood, stuffing the book he had pulled out, back into his bag. "Peter?"

"Yeah, I'll come."

"Great. Come on then." She bounced up and down. When the other three were stood, they began leaving the Great Hall. Marlene linked her arm through Celeste's. "What class are you guys most excited for?"

"I'm looking forward to Herbology." Peter replied. "I always take care of our garden with my mother. I'm good with plants."

"I suck at that. I really am bad at Herbology." Celeste laughed. "But, hey, if you have a green thumb, that's brilliant, Peter."

The short boy blushed. "I think Defense will be really cool." Marlene grinned. "I can't wait to learn all the jinxes so I can use them on my brothers."

"My brother's taught me a few already." Celeste winked. "I'll teach you later. Remus?"

"I think Potions looks good. My mum taught me to cook, and Potions seems very close to that. What about you, Celeste?"

"You can call me Cel, if you want. I'm excited for Transfiguration. My brothers were both taught by McGonagall, and they say she's brilliant. So, I can't wait!" The platinum haired girl smiled.

"Well, I'm very flattered, Miss Fawley." Came an amused voice from in front of them. They all looked up to see McGonagall standing outside her class, waiting for her students to arrive.

"Professor! Good morning." Celeste greeted.

"Good morning."

"It is true though, professor. Thomas says you're brilliant, and so does Killian."

"Well, that's very nice of them. Thomas Fawley was a good student of mine. Killian is getting there."

"Thomas will be very happy to hear you say that, Professor. I can't wait for your lesson today!"

"That's good." The older woman smiled and sent them on their way to Charms. They soon arrived and were ushered in by the short professor. Celeste took a seat towards the back of the classroom, and placed her bag in the seat beside her, so people took the hint and didn't sit there.

She saw Lily was sat beside Alice towards the front and she waved at her. Marlene sat down and left a space, assuming for Dorcas, while Peter and Remus sat beside each other. Soon enough, James and Sirius came through the door and sat on either side of her.

"Nice run?"

"Brilliant." James replied.

Their class started, and they began by learning the Levitation Charm. Most of the class got it during the span of the lesson, not on their first try, but they got it. Their homework was to write an essay on why pronunciation is important when saying spells, and what dire consequences bad pronunciation could have.

Then, they headed to Transfiguration, the lesson that Celeste had been waiting for. As soon as she walked into class, she took a seat towards the front and turned her immediate attention towards McGonagall. Both Marlene and Sirius walked into class at the same time, and once they saw the empty seat beside her, they both ran for it, Marlene managing to reach it first.

"Oh, hi there." Celeste smiled at Marlene, who grinned back.


Sirius grumbled as he sat behind them with James. McGonagall rolled her eyes from the front of the classroom, before beginning her lesson. After her little speech and explanation, they were each given a match and told to try and turn it into a needle.

Most people struggled, considering Transfiguration was one of the most complicated branches of magic they could learn. James managed to turn the match into a needle first, and he received ten house points from McGonagall, and then when Celeste did it five minutes after, she got another five points rewarded. They both high fived each other.

The rest of the day went by relatively the same, learning exciting new things in classes, trying them out themselves and a whole lot of homework piled on them..