1 Ch 0: Prolouge

Fyukals were big towers that suddenly burst out of the ground all around the world, It is a tower so high it can reach the sky. Many rumors spread across the world on what you may get when you clear the Fyukal may it be Treasure, Power, and many more but what you actually get is a Quiss.

A Quiss is an object you will get for clearing a Fyukal, it takes a different shape for every Fyukal. Many people believed that Quiss's are blessings from Gods but what it actually is, is an object that possesses the powers of a God.

And it is not so simple to get the power of a God. Only people that are chosen by these Quiss's are able to possess the power of a God.

In a world where one can attain the power of Gods, one of them is our main character, he attains the Crown Quiss. And he embarks on a journey to become the God of Gods, The Ruler of all, The Strongest is what they call The God King.