QUINN'S GAME: Leveling of the Dropout Alchemist Book

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QUINN'S GAME: Leveling of the Dropout Alchemist


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[SYSTEM ONLINE] "The world is slowly turning into a fantasy game and everybody becomes a player. In the world full of scums, abusive and hypocrite people, how long will I survive?" "Me, who lost everything, my family and now the world. The world is betraying humanity and who shall I relay on? my beliefs? God? Well even the gods don't give a damn about it." A highschool student Shun Futaro, get involved in a mysterious game that no one has knowledge about. In the world where life is counted by HP number and his power relies in his hands, how long will he survive? "I'm not one of them, I don't belong with them. But I'm going to become the strongest among them. My power relies beyond everything."