Quick Transmigration: The targets are psychopaths! Book

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Quick Transmigration: The targets are psychopaths!


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“I have never interacted with a female before. So pardon me if any of my actions are not to your liking.” “You’re different from those preys I’ve caught. I decided to keep you for the mean time until you have no use.” “I feel unprecedented happiness whenever I’m with you.” Vierre a talent scout from the modern era had been transported into a bestial world after being bounded to a system due to her untimely death from a traffic accident. Her goal was to raise the affection points of three beast men. It was easy at first, until the points reached a certain amount only did she find out that they were a group of psychopaths. “You’re under my mercy now. If you think you can outrun me then you’re having delusions.” The man whose golden slits gave out threatening vibes while restraining her waist. “If you still decided to meet those men then you give me no choice but to break these legs of yours. I don’t mind you being crippled.” His expressionless silver eyes shone with some unknown light while gripping her thighs. “My heart will be squeezed and tormented every time a male will lay his gaze upon you. What will I do to keep you from their prying eyes?” His usual gentle gaze was now replaced by lunacy while staring at the scared female through the gaps of the cage he made. (Warning: This book contains Mature Content. Read at your own discretion.)


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