12 The CEO's wife wears a green hat.


[ "Ren no one can make you leave the company except me, you don't have to do anything she said." James kissed his forehead as he said that. ]

"b-but if I don't leave Mrs.Luna is going to be more angry at you..wu..wu" Ren said pitifully in tears. "She can be angry , I don't care. So don't resign Okay?"

Ren din't answer he burried his head father in James's chest. Who wrapped his arms around him pulling him more in the embrace.

Luna looked at the scene in front of her with jealousy. The bitch had been kissed by her husband right in front of her, But she refused to believe her husband was seduced by him. he and James have been married for 2 years and James and her have always loved each other during the time. Before their marriage James had chased after her till she finally agreed though she was pretending and playing hard to get. their was no way he could have been seduced by Ren.

James turned to look at luna "Luna Come with me, Ren you stay here don't go anywhere okay?" Ren noded his small head cutetry which earned him a chuckle and a pat from James.

Then luna and James stepped outside the office.

"System can you show me what they are talking about"

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"Yes host"

James took luna to another office inside the company that no one used. "Luna why are you behaving like this? You waren't Like this before?

Luna wasn't dumb she knew that if she keeps on blaming Ren even though it was his fault James will not believe it. it will only make him more angry at her.

She started tearing up"James I'm sorry I know it was my fault it just that I was so worried about you. last night when you didn't come home I thought something had happened to you, you wouldn't answer my phone. I was very frustrated and took it out on Ren, I just din't understand why you din't at least inform me you were not coming home...wu..wu." Luna cried more, She looked pitiful but not as pitiful as Ren but it was enough to soften James heart.

James went to Luna and hugged her, why didn't he think about it before. of course luna was worried when he din't pick up the call. he didn't even tell her where he was. " Sorry it's my fault for not telling you, but stop blaming Ren for what he didn't do. even if you are angry its not right for to take out on others." James scolded

"hm.. I won't" Luna answerd then hugged

james more. " I love you" she said James paused a bit but still responded" I love you too."

Ren wasn't surprised at the scene, James had loved lina so much in the passed and he and luna have been married for 2 years their was no way James feeling would disappear right away. But Ren was not nervous that James still had feelings for Luna. Since They already Slept together it will be easy to seduce James and make him fall for him more and more.

A seductive smile made it way on Rens face as he remebered last nights activities, James was really good in bed he couldn't wait to be fucked again. Who cares about how long someone loved someone he would steal James and make Luna witness how much James loves him. Imagining Luna catching him and James having sex made him excited.

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