11 The CEO's wife wears a green hat.


[Ren put his arm on James chest and cotinued crying. while secretly smirking at Luna.]

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James looks at Luna furiously " Luna your such an evil woman, why are you trying to wrong Ren everytime you see him!? last time you said he threw the lunch box he made, now you are blaming him for caring about you." James raised his voice

" James what are you talking about? I have never tried to wrong Ren, everything I sayed was true, I never lied to u about anything, the lunch box was thrown by Ren and you sleeping at his house was all his plan so he can seduce you.!"

" I saw everything Luna! stop trying to always blame Ren when he did nothing wrong. I decided to go to his house, and I can go to his house anytime I want. Since when do u decide where I should go and were I shouldn't?!"

Ren pulled himself out of James's chest and went in between them. "P-Please don't fight because of me. It's all my fault that you guys are arguing."

Then he turn to face Luna and held her hand" Mrs. Luna I will resign as Mr. James's secretary, I will leave and not interfere between you and Mr. James anymore. So please don't get mad at him"

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" luna yelled and pushed Ren. Ren fell down on the floor. Luna didn't care and continued "You say you will leave?! Then leave now!!! quickly go get your stuff and get out of this office and never come back!"

Ren body trembled, he tried his best to hold back the tears that were aready falling from his eyes, He tried to stand up but he fell back down.His small face was red. He looked so pitiful, so fragile, he looked like he would break anytime.

Looking at Ren James heart tightened. He quickly knelted down and helped Ren up. "Ren no one can make you leave the company except me, you don't have to do anything she said." James kissed his forehead as he said that.

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