10 The CEO's wife wears a green hat.

James's face frowned as he saw Luna in his office. Before he could ask why she was their Luna interrupted him "James you slept at his house last night!?" Luna asked in disbelieve, she heard the conversation between Ren and James as they were coming inside.

Her husband had never done such a thing, in the two years they have been together, even if they quarreled her husband would come home that night and apologize then they would make up. Her husband has never slept at some else's house unless it was a business trip but he would sleep at a hotel. and here she heard Ren say her husband slept at his house, her husband slept at that slut's house who is trying to seduce him.

Luna looked at Ren in anger, She wanted to go and slap that b*tch right then and there, but James was there so she couldn't do it. All she could do was stare at him clenching her teeth.

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" M-Mr. Luna, it's all my fault, I'm the one who asked Mr.J-James to sleep at my house, p-please d-don't be angry at him." Ren's round eyes and voice were filled with guilt as he said that.

" if you know it was wrong why did you still ask him?" Luna sneered at Ren's words.

"I-I'm sorry, I-I just thought you would still be angry at him when he gets home. S-So I asked him to sleep at my house, and go back when u have calmed down." Ren's tears were on the verge of falling as he tried to explain himself.

Luna became irritated by Ren's green tea act, this b*tch probably asked James to sleep at his house on purpose. so he can seduce him.

She looked at Ren in disdain "Since when are you allowed to interfere between me and James!?, you are nothing but an employee who works here, your job is not to meddle between what goes in between James and I. Know your place."

Ren's body trembled at Luna's words. The tears he was trying to hold in began to fall . creating a fragile look. "I'm s..sorry...wu..wu, Sorry Mrs.Luna." Ren's voice was full of guilt as he apologized.

James couldn't stand it anymore, every time Ren and Luna met, Luna always has something to say to wrong Ren, last time it was blaming Ren for throwing the lunch box on the ground, now she is trying to lower Ren's self-esteem more than it was already.

James knows how sensitive Ren is, Ren probably took everything Luna said seriously.

"Ren, it wasn't your fault. nothing was your fault, I chose to go to your house myself, I could have refused but still went. so don't blame yourself for this, okay?"James gently told Ren while hugging him and patting his hair.

Ren put his arm on James chest and coto

nued crying. while secretly smirking at Luna.

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