9 The CEO's wife wears a green hat.

Bird chipped and the sun rose in the sky. James looked at the adorable human sleeping next to him, breathing soundly " I want to always wake up to this face." James smiled gently and kissed Ren's forehead, he embraced him tightly again and continued to stare at his face.

" relationship percent has increased to 40%"

After a few hours Ren woke up, he yawned and stretched himself. Then turned to James's side, only to find James staring at him " w-when did you wake up?"

" I have been awake for a while," James answered then kissed Rens's soft cheeks.

Ren's cheeks heat up, and he buried himself further in James's chest embarrassed at the kiss.

James smiled and Ren's cute reaction, and kissed him again and again, making Ren more embarrassed. The teasing went on for a while until Ren finally remembered they had to go to work, he managed to get out of the hard chest and went to cook breakfast for both of them so they could go to work.

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James called someone to bring him clothes to wear, after dressing up he went to eat breakfast with Ren.

They both ate breakfast peacefully, and chatted with each other, then Ren went to wash the dishes, James hugging him from behind.

This was new to James, Luna had never cooked breakfast for him in the two years they have been together, she would be sleeping in that time, but he never really cared since he loved her, so he hired chiefs to do the cooking. and Luna could cook when she wanted.

After washing the dished Ren went to shower then they both went to work.

Luna was waiting for James in his office, she had come very early before the sun rose. She was moving in back and forth.

" Host, Luna is in James's office, she is very worried about whyJames didn't come home last night" Ren had the message, as he got out of the car with James. " let's go answer her question." Ren secretly grinned.

Him and James passed the employees that were already their and went to the elevator. Inside the the elevator Ren nervously reached out and held James's hand and blushed.

James looked at Ren's small hand that was intertwined with his , and then looked at the blushing Ren, He cooed at the sight, and squeezed the small hand. Then they got off the elevator and headed to the office.

"M-Mr. James c-can you sleep at my house t-today too? Ren asked as he opened the door to James's office, He then suddenly realised what he had asked and and quickly tried to change it "I-I meant you can sleep at my house anytime y-you want." Ren's face was red as a tomato as he tried to explain himself. James chuckled at him, he was about to answer, but then saw the last person he wanted to see.

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