8 The CEO's wife wears a green hat.

"d-do you regret doing it with me" Ren nervously asked James who was laying next to him, after their hot sensation.

" I don't regret doing it with you, I actually loved it." James kissed Ren's head as he replied.

"So you don't h-hate me now?" Ren asked

"There is no way I would hate you Ren, please don't blame yourself for what we did, I enjoyed it, and would even do it again."

Ren's body trembled a little and Tears built up in his Round eyes at James's answer.

" I-I'm glad, I thought you would hate me after this, and won't ever talk to me again. Thank you, for not hating me." James's heart softened at these words, He lifted Ren's chin and kissed his soft lips " James smiled gently at Ren then they both slept peacefully.

(At Jame's mansion)

"Why isn't James home yet? He is usually home before this time?" Luna fidgeted her hands nervously.

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" it's not the first time we have argued, we have had few arguments in the past, but he never slept out, he always came home, and we would work things out."

Luna picked up her phone and called James,

James heard his phone ring, he picked it up and saw it was Luna, right now he wasn't in the mood to talk with her, he declined her call and turned his phone off. Then went back to sleep.

"W-Why, did he decline my call?" "Where is he?"

Luna called again but no one picked up. " Their is no way for me to figure out were he is,

I have to go to the company tomorrow." " I have to work things out.

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