6 The CEO's wife wears a green hat.

When he went into the kitchen he saw Ren in a big shirt, which looked so cute on him, he looked down and saw Ren's round buttocks wrapped in tight shorts and his long milky legs, His throat became parched. He licked his lips, he wanted to touch Ren's round butt and gently squeeze it.

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James went to Ren and hugged him from behind "why are you wearing like that?" James asked in a low hoarse voice that sounded so sexy. Ren's ears turned red. "I-It's comfortable, do you not like it?" Ren asked James nervously. "No, I like it a lot" James answered as he licked his lips. His eyes showing a thirsty look which he didn't realize he was showing.

Ren looked up at James and saw his eyes, and secretly smirked. his plan was working.

Ren leaned closer to James so that his butt was touching Ren's cock. He slowly rubbed his butt on Jame's cock, but made it looked like an accident. James felt something soft and round rubbing his cock and looked down to see it was Ren's round butt. He felt his blood rush to his lower region and his member quickly stood up and hardened. He was so aroused by Ren's small movement.

Ren felt something hard Rubbing his butt, he turned his body to face James and looked down to see James's erection. He blushed and lowered his long eyelashes shyly, he gulped his saliva then looked back at James's face.

James's eyes didn't leave Ren when he turned around, he thought Ren would be so disgusted by him, he never expected Ren to React like that. He couldn't control himself anymore. he wanted to make this adorable boy scream his name under him.

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