5 The CEO's wife wears a green hat.

"Mr.James what would you like to eat for dinner, I cook it for you," Ren asked as they were going back to his house. "anything you make, your food tastes good"

"thank you" Rem blushed at the compliment. James glanced at Ren's red cheeks and wanted to pinch them but unfortunately for him, he was driving. So all he could do was smile warmly at Ren.

They continued chatting till they reached Ren's apartment. "I-I hope my house is not disgusting for you" Ren told James as he nervously opened the door. They both stepped inside, The inside of Ren's apartment was very clean and organized, it was decorated with bright colors that gave you the feeling of warmth and home. James felt so comfortable in this house.

Ren showed James his room,the bathroom and the kitchen. "I will start making dinner now, you can go bath if you want," Ren told James. "Ok," James said and went to shower.

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Ren went to his room to change his clothes, he wore a large t-shirt that reached his thighs and some tight shorts that shaped around his round butt.

Ren looked in the mirror and it looked like he was only wearing a shirt with no pants.he pulled up the t-shirt from behind so that his soft butt can be seen. He took out large a large t-shirt he hard and large pants he hard in his closet and put them in the bed for James to wear.

Then he went to the kitchen, and started cooking.

After a little while ,James finally finished showering, He went inside Ren's room and dressed up, and went to the kitchen.

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