4 The CEO's wife wears a green hat.

"M-Mr.James, Can you sleep at my place today? M-Mrs.Luna might still be mad when you get home. Let's give her time to calm down." Ren buried his head in James's warm chest as he asked worriedly.

James gently ruffled Ren's soft hair, while thinking about Luna's attitude before, she called Ren a slut, his good mood suddenly turned sour. He didn't feel like seeing her tonight at home. "hn, I stay at your place." James placed a soft kiss on Ren's cheeks as he answered.

"M-Mr.James, you haven't had lunch yet, I will go buy it now" Ren panicky said.

"you don't have to buy me lunch, l will buy it."

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"b-but it's my job."

"Ren, it also my job to look after my employees. Come I order it." James took out his phone and ordered.

"thank you"

For the rest of the day, Ren and James did their work, and both of them were excited about tonight. James was still confused why he felt excited at going to Ren's house, and on the other hand Ren was excited because he was going to make James fu** him.

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