3 The CEO's wife wears a green hat.

"Good so far the percent is 25, I just need to reach 30% then make James fuck me," Ren thought while laying on his bed.

Ren knew that after his intention was known by Luna, there is no way she was going to do nothing. He was going to use whatever her plans are to increase James's love.

Ren woke up early again, did his routine then went to work.

"Good morning Mr.James"

"Good morning Ren"

Ren went to make James coffee then after giving it to him he went to do his work.

They both worked till lunchtime.

Ren took out a bento and nervously held it, looking at the door.

"Who at you waiting for?" James's asked

"I'm waiting for Mrs.Luna. I made her a bento to apologize." Reno replied softly.

James walked to Ren and patted his head "I told you it's not your fault, you didn't know she was going to come."

"B-but I feel bad, if I just leave it like that."

After Ren's reply, the door suddenly opened and Luna entered. She went to James and kissed him. " Since we couldn't eat lunch together yesterday I brought you lunch today." she said and secretly looked at Ren with a disgusted look.

"Let's go eat then" James's replied

James took Luna's bento and turned around to his table where they would eat.

Ren Seeing James was not looking, knew this was his opportunity. "M-Mrs. Luna, I made you this, I wanted to apologize for yesterday."

Ren took out the lunch box and gave it to Luna, Luna held it in her hands, then suddenly Ren hit the lunch box in her hands and it fell. The food inside coming out.

"M-Mrs.Luna, I'm sorry, I just wanted to apologize, the food I made must-have disgusted you. I should have known, and not have made it. please forgive me." Ren's voice was shaking as he said that.Tears rolling down his red cheeks.

James turned around to the sound of something falling and saw it was the bento Ren had made for Luna . He looked at Luna's posture which looked like she threw the bento down, he then turned to Ren who was Crying and apologizing.

James was angry at Luna for what she had done, Ren had made her lunch to apologize , even though he didn't have to apologize. but what did she do? She threw it on the floor like it was trash.

James walked to Ren and wipe his tears. Ren looked at him, his now red big eyes filled with guilt. James's heart hardened.

He turned to Luna "Luna, Ren made that Lunch to apologize to you but you just throw it."

"It wasn't even Ren's fault that he made lunch for me yesterday, why don't you want to forgive him."

James stared at Luna frustrated. Luna was confused by why James was angry at her, why was he saying she threw the lunch box. it was Ren who hit it down.

Luna felt wronged " I didn't throw the lunch box, Ren is the one who threw it ."

Ren looked at Luna with a wronged expression " M-Mrs. Luna, I know you hate me, b-but you don't have to lie and say such a thing. Why would I throw the Lunch I made for you? I just wanted to apologize."

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James looked at Luna who was framing Ren instead of apologizing for what she had done. He was annoyed, he didn't know his wife was this type of person. "Luna go back home."

Luna was so frustrated at her husband's accusation, he even told her to go back home because of that slut. She wanted to slap that bitch's face that was smiling behind James.

"James, why are you believing that slut. can't you see he is framing me?"

Ren looked at luna shocked"M-Mrs. Luna I-I didn't know you viewed me like that, I-I'm not that type of person. wu wu" Ren sobbed

James turned to Ren and hugged him, Ren wrapped his hands around James's back and continued to sob.

James turned to Luna with disappointment written on his face, how can she say something like that to Ren, " Get out" James pointed at the door as he said that.

Luna looked back at Ren again and found him smirking at her in James's embrace.

She cleched her bag and ran out.

Ren buried his head in James's warm chest " wu wu I'm sorry" Ren sobbed.

James lifted Ren's chin to face him and kissed his forehead. " it's ok"

Ren blushed at James's kiss. James looked at Ren's red cheeks and couldn't help but find Ren so adorable. He stared at Ren's lips.

he wanted to Devour this plump lips that tasted so sweet when he kissed them yesterday.

"Relationship percent has increased to 30%"

" I can finally make James fuck me."

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