2 The CEO's wife wears a green hat.

Zero opened his eyes and found himself in a white space. "didn't I die? where I'm I?"

"answering host, yes you are dead, but only your body. your soul is connected to me" a robotic voice answered.

Turning his head, zero saw a white fluffy ball. " "Who are you?" Zero asked the fluff ball

" I am stealing the male lead system ,and you are currently my host."

" System is my job as your host to steal the male lead from the heroine?"

"Yes, the host's thinking is correct. since you are my host you will travel to different worlds stealing the male lead from the female lead. The system will provide host with a store. If host finishes missions successfully you will receive skills as your reward. Also, host everything in the store is free."

"System do I have a choice to continue living in a world even if the mission is done?"

"yes, host has the choice to remain how long you want after you finish your mission."

"Also host you get a beginner's package do you want to open it?"

"yes, open it"

"open beginner package *cooking skill*

Host whenever you get a skill, it will automatically transfer into your body."


"Host are you ready to transfer to your first world?" the system asked

" I'm ready" zero replied

Transferring to a new world 0%.....30%....60%....80%...100%.

Zero opened his eyes and found himself standing inside a small clean room

"Host I will now transfer this world information to you." the system said

"This world is a modern world, where the male lead James is the CEO of a powerful company, while the female lead is from an average family. the story starts when the female lead joins the male lead's company. James fell in love with the female lead's hardworking and strong personality, he confessed his love to Luna the female lead. Luna played hard to get for a while but in the end, agreed to be James's lover since she had fallen for him too. They dated for a year and got married together they got two kids one a boy one girl and they lived happily ever after."

" System give me the information about this body."

"The name of the original owner is Ren. He was just a side character who was never mentioned in the story. he was abandoned by his parents when he was 5years old and he was sent to the orphanage. Ren was very introverted and had a hard time communicating with others, which led him to not have friends. when he turned 18 he moved out of the orphanage and got many part-time jobs to pay for his college fees, he later graduated at the time when James and luna were married for 2 years." After he graduated, he moved to a different city and got a job there.

"system what timeline of the story I'm I in?"

"you are currently at the time when you just graduated, which means that James and Luna have already been married for 2 years now but still haven't had kids yet. also, Ren hasn't moved to a different city yet."

***i will start to address Zero as Ren*****

Ren went to the bathroom to see his appearance. In the mirror standing there was a boy who was about 5'2 feet tall with bangs covering half of his face. Ren raised his hand and pushed the bangs up so he could see his whole face, what he saw shocked him.

The boy in the mirror changed to a completely different person. Instead of the average face, he saw before now in front of him stood a boy with smooth white jade skin, a small face with big eyes that had long eyes lashes, his soft plump pink lips looked so delicious. He looked so charming and cute.

Ren then took off his shirt and pants to see his body shape. The mirror showed boy with smooth jade skin, a small waist and a round butt that looked so soft and bouncy.

Ren put on his clothes and went to apply to the male leads company as a secretary. Now, all left was to wait for them send him the day he will go to the company for an interview.

After a few days, Ren got an email that the next day he had an interview. In these few days, Ren went to get a hair cut, now his bangs were no longer reaching half of his face they were at a normal level. Now his whole face could be seen.

On the day of the interview. Ren chose to wear an outfit that made looked cute but also professional. Ren walked out and called a taxi to take him since he lived a little far from the company. After arriving at the company Ren paid the Taxi driver.

As he passed the people in the company to go to the interview room, the men he passed couldn't help but look at him. Ren acted like he didn't see it and smiled at them then went to the interview waiting room, about 15 people were there . After waiting a while for his name to be called, Ren was finally called.

He stood up and went inside the room. Ten passed the interview and was told to start working the next day. After accomplishing what brought him Ren went home straight away to sleep, his plan to seduce James would start tomorrow.

The next day Ren walk up early since he planned to give James an impression that he was hardworking, he dressed in a tight suit which made him looke very alluring. He walked out of the house and called a taxi again to take him.

Ren entered the company he found very few people inside who probably worked the whole night. James walked to one of them "excuse me, I'm so sorry to interrupt you, I'm the new secretary for Mr.James, can you please tell me where his office is?" Zero asked with a polite tone.

" it's ok you weren't interrupting me, follow me I take you there." The worker said

" Thank you so much," Ren said with a grateful expression

The worker couldn't help but smile, who wouldn't want to help such a cute polite boy.

"Here it is, I will go back now."

"Thank you " Ren replied."

Then the worker took off to the way he came from . Ren knew that James was inside since the system notified him.

He knocked on the door and waited. "Come in." A voice said coming from inside. Zero opened the door and stepped inside. in front of him sat a man very good looking man in a suit he looked to be in his early twenties.

"I'm going to make him mine. Imagine him Fucking me on top on his desk." Zero inwardly thought while keeping a gentle expression on the outside.

James looked up from his paperwork and looked at the person who had come in. In front of him stood a boy with a small face with big peach blossom eyes. The boy looked glamorous.

"relationship percent has increased to 3%"

the system announced.

"good start, " Ren replied

"who are you?" James asked

"S-sorry for not introducing myself, I'm your new secretary Ren," Ren answered in a soft gentle voice.

" ok then come here and help me sought out these papers," James said.

Zero walked to James"s table, but as he was about to reach it, he missed a step and was about to fall instead of meeting the hard flow he fell in a pair of warm hands.

"Are you ok?" James asked Ren who he is holding. "I'm s-sorry Mr.James, I should have watched my steps, Thank you for saving me," Ren replied with a guilty voice and expression. his voice was so small and low almost a whisper but James still heard it. James could't help but feel his heart soften. accidents like this happen. Ren shouldn't claim himself for such a thing.

"It ok Ren It wasn't your fault, come let's start working," James said with a gentle voice than before.

"relationship percentage has increased to 6%"

James taught Ren what he should do, then they started working. "Mr.James do you want some cofee?" Ren asked "yes"

"I 'm go make it," Ren said and left to go make James's coffee

Since Ren had a cooking skill he was also a professional at making good coffee.

"Here is your Coffee Mr.James I hope you like it," Ren said fidgeting his fingers nervously, which James took notice of. James lifted the coffee from the table and took a sip. " It tastes good," James said

"t-thank you, Mr. James," Ren replied blushing from the praise.

James looked at the embarrassed Ren and couldn't help but find him adorable.

"Relationship percent has increased to 8%

Ren decided that this was good for today so he didn't make any move or else James would be suspicious. when seducing someone you should know the limits of your seduction being rush is never good.

So Ren and James worked for the rest of the day till it was time to finally do back home. Ren bid farewell to James and decided to walk home, it took 30 minutes on foot.

what he didn't expect was that James also goes the same road when he goes back home in his car.

James took his car and started to drive home. As he was going home be saw a familiar figure walking. after looking closely he realized it was Ren. Why was Ren walking hime did he not have a car? Was Ren's home near is that why he was walking home? James couldn't help but ask himself.

James slowed down his speed and called Ren.

" Ren, do you live near the company?" James asked

Ren was surprised at seeing James he didn't know James and him go the same road.

"No, I don't live near, It's just that I don't have a car," Ren answered looking embarrassed.

"Ren come I give you a ride." James told


"M-Mr.James you don't have to trouble yourself, its ok I will go home walking." Ren gently replied

"It's ok it not troublesome," James said.

"Really? I-I didn't want to be troublesome to you." Ren asked nervously. " its ok I won't find you troublesome." James told Ren.

Ren opened the door and sat down. James started driving. Ren decided to stay silent and would sometimes glance at James with a guilty look. James naturally catched the glances and he just wanted to tell Ren that he isn't troublesome to him but he was sure Ren would not believe it. the drive was silent till they reached Ren's apartment. "Thank you so much, Mr.James, I will repay you, back" Ren told James with determined eyes.

"ok" James replied while smiling.

"relationship percent has increased to 11%"

Ren went home took a shower and went to bed, "Today's results were more than enough." Now he had an excuse to prepare James lunch.

The next day came and Ren woke up earlier than last time to make James's lunch. After making James's Lunch, Ren took a shower, dressed up, and finally went to work.

Ren entered James's office, but James wasn't their yet because it was still early. Ren waited for a little while then James finally arrived. "Good morning Mr.James" Ren greeted in his gentle voice.

"Good morning Ren, you are early."

"yes" Ren replied

Ren and James started working until Lunch finally arrived. The whole company had lunch for one hour. James decided to start his move.

"Host the female lead is on her way here to she brings lunch to James." The system announced.

"System how long will it take her to arrive here?" Ren asked

"It will take the female lead 25 minutes to arrived"

"Good, that's more than enough time for me."

Zero stood up from his desk and went up to James who was about to go to lunch.

"Mr. James thank you so much for taking me home yesterday, I wanted to repay you s-so here," Ren spoke nervously and handed James a bento.

James took the Bento and opened it inside was different kinds of food and it all looked so good. He looked up to Ren who was standing in front of him fidgeting with his sweater nervously waiting to hear what he thought about his food. James started to eat, he had never tasted food this good before. "Ren It tastes good. I have never tasted any food as good as this." James looked back at Ren and told him.

"t-thank you, I'm glad you liked it," Ren answered stuttering while Blushing.

James found Ren so cute while blushing. James gently smiled at Ren. " Ren comes eat with me I can't finish all of this alone." James used this excuse because Ren wouldn't agree to eat with him unless he uses a good excuse. "ok" Ren replied.

"relationship percent has increased to 14%

James and Ren ate the food and finished it in 25 minutes. "Host Luna is currently about to reach the office ."

"oh ok"

Ren was planning on making it clear to Luna that he was seducing her man.

" thank you again, Mr.James, n-no one has ever been so nice to me. so I'm grateful for your kindness." Ren said . James's heart softened "how could people not be nice to some like this, are they blind?." James thought.

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" relationship percentage had increased to 18%"

James stood up from his seat and ruffled Ren's hair. "it so soft" he thought.

James sat back down and was about to continue talking to Ren when the office door opened.

Luna stepped Inside with a bag"

Luna was a beautiful woman with a nice body Ren had to admit but her face and body were still inferior to his. she was also

little taller than Ren.

" What brings you here Luna?" James asked Jn in a gentle voice. " I brought you lunch let's eat together," Luna replied. She then noticed that there was someone else in the room it saw a delicate-looking boy looking at her." who are you?" she asked " h-hello I'm Ren, Mr.James's secretary Mrs. Luna" Ren answered nervously.

Luna then was about to put the lunch boxes she bought to the table when she saw that there were lunch boxes that were empty already there. Luna frowned a bit, she wanted to surprise her husband by bringing him a new recipe of food she cooked.

" I'm s-sorry Mrs.Luna, I made Mr. James lunch and he already ate it, I. didn't know Mrs.Luna had also made Mr.James lunch, I'm so sorry please forgive me," Ren said in a shaking voice his eyes turning red with tears starting to form up. He then turned to Luna, he made sure to turn his head in an angle were James won't see his face, then he raised his lips and slyly smirked. Then he quickly picked up the bento boxes on the table and ran out.

Luna was not stupid she could guess Ren's intention to James. She saw how Ren acted pitiful when he faced James but after he turned to face her, he changed his expression to a mocking one. Luna jsf guessed that Ren is trying to seduce her husband. She then turned to look at James. Her beloved husband. There is no way James will be seduced by that bitch, James loved her so much and they were married. Luna convinced herself.

On the other hand, James was worried about Ren. He guessed Ren was probably feeling guilty that he had eaten Ren's beyond was full then suddenly his wife had brought food for him. He wanted to go and comfort Ren but his wife was here to see him.

"relationship percent has increased to 20%"

Luna and James talked for a while being lovey-dovey till it the end of lunchtime.

when Luna got out of the office and leaving. Ren followed her "Mrs. Luna" Ren called. Luna turned around and saw Ren. "Be careful your husband might get stolen away from you," Ren said while showing a playful smile on his lip. then turned around and walked back to the office.

He opened the door inside. Ren's big eyes were red, his long eyes lashed were wet. James looking at Ren's pitiful look he couldn't help but come forward and pull him into his embrace. "Ren doesn't cry, It not your fault. you didn't know that Luna was going to bring lunch." James spoke to Ren in a soothing voice. while petting Ren's head. while staring down since Ren was shorter than him.

Ren then raised his head, Then they both realized that they were so close to each other, their foreheads were ouching. James looked at Ren's soft plump lips that looked so kissable. James closed in till his lips met Ren's soft lips. Ren parted his lips a little letting James slip in his tongue. Their lips crashed together and Ren was dominated by James "Mmmfffp! Unnf. Mmm-ahh. A-aahh." Ren moaned softly. James and Ren continued their make-out until they parted to breath. Ren's eyes were filled with tears from being out of breathe, his cheeks had also turned red. He looked up at James " J-James u are married" Ren told James in a gentle voice with a worried and guilty look.

James realized what he had done, he was a married man who loved his wife he even chased her for along time till she finally agreed ,but here he was kissing his secretary. Why was he getting attracted to Ren?

"I'm sorry, I wasn't in my right mind." James said as he let Ren lit of his embrace.

"It's ok, don't blame yourself for this, it's not your fault," Reno said while smiling gently at James.

James's heart softened at Ren's speech. Ren was too nice, he had just taken advantage of him, but Ren didn't even blame him for it.

James Smiled at Ren with a grateful look. " Come let's go back to work."

"Relationship percent has increased to 25%"

James and Ren worked till midnight, "Ren let me take you home, you can't go home alone at this time." "b-but" Ren said unsure if he should go with James. "Come one let's go," James said then he held Ren's hand and lend him to his car.

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