1 previous life and death

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English is not my first language. I apologize if you see punction or grammar issues in my novel. I used Grammarly to help me write this. Thank you. The MC is a green tea both if you don't like him don't read.


Zero is someone you can describe with one word, green tea bitch. This boy had a very beautiful cute face and a very seductive body.

Of course, there is no way Zero didn't know that, he realized it at the age of 5. he saw how his face was very cute compared to other kids.

You may wonder how a 5-year-old can even know they are cute and take it for granted, since normal 5-year-olds are just little balls of sunshine that don't care about anything except to have fun, eat, and sleep, well not for Zero. Zero was a smart kid with a high IQ so it isn't a surprise that he noticed his cute angelic face, and the things he can use it for.

As he grew he noticed ,when he acted fragile, pitiful, gentle, sweet, and many other white lotus acts the people around him would feel the need to protect him and do what he wanted, especially men. when he discovered this Zero loved it so much, he loved to manipulate men , and make them do what he wanted.

He loved it when he stole the school's most popular girl's boyfriends, who of course was the most popular boy in the school.

He loved it when the girl accidentally saw her boyfriend fucking him inside his room. He loved how shocked she looked ,and how she couldn't do anything about it. he loved the feeling of stealing her lover from her. The feeling of stealing someone's lover.


Zero had successfully seduced Lucas(most popular boy) jenny's boyfriend(most popular girl) ,and they had started dating, they dated for a month, and of course Zero always acted as a white lotus and also doing schemes to make Jenny's reputation decrease in Lucas's heart.

**warning SMUTT ahead**

Zero came to Lucas's home, so they could study together, Zero was wearing a large t-shirt and tight shorts that made him look adorable but his exposed thighs added as spicy look. When Lucas saw him, he couldn't help but swallow his saliva.

They started studying then Zero accidentally spilled his juice on Lucas's lower region. " I'm s sorry, please forgive me," Zero said panicky his big eyes turning red. he quickly got a napkin that was on the table and

went to wipe Lucas.

He knelt and bent his back which let the big t-shirt he was wearing go loose showing his pick cute nipples that looked delicious.

Lucas got aroused at seeing Zero's nipples. He couldn't wait anymore he wanted to fuck Zero again.

When Zero saw Lucas's hard dick inside Lucas's pants. his face flushed and bite his lips, making him look so adorable and seductive at the same time.

Lucas looking at Zero who's cheeks were pink, looking so adorable. He quickly pulled Zero on his lap and crushed their lip together.

" Haah... Uugh...Lucas Aaah" Zero moaned softly in between the make-out. Lucas picked up Zero and put him on his bed, he stopped kissing Zero and pulled up Zero's shirt exposing his nipples, Lucas quickly started sucking, and biting one nipple while twisting the other with his hand." Nyaah.... lu-Lucas don't...A-aahh... Ahn... Mngh-ph Lu-Lucas " Zero moaned. " Lucas started removing Zero's pants and underwear while continuing to lick and suck Zero's nipples. When he removed them he stopped to tease Zero's nipples and went to play with his cute pink entrance , which was already wet.

Lucas bent his head and licked it." lu-lucas... not their... Aaaaah" Zero moaned. Lucas then inserted his finger to loosen him up. After he felt that Zero's was ready he took out his already hard cock and inserted at Zero's entrance then he kissed Zero's cheeks, and pushed into zero's wet entrance. He started moving and caught up with the speed. "Inghhhhh.....Ughhhhh.....Nghhhhhhhh

Gnghnaaaaaaa... Lucas w-wait slow down

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...A-a-ahhmmn" Zero moaned Cutely

"Ughhhhh" Lucad groaned as he continued to fuck Zero.

Zero turned his eyes to the door and saw Jenny standing behind it, he was surprised at seeing Jenny but din't show it on his face. On the other hand Jenny was shocked at what she was seeing in front of her.

Her boyfriend that she had been dating for 2years now was fucking none other than the two face bitch that always acts pitiful and make schemes that make her seem like she is bullying him.

Zero raised his lips and smirked, his eyes showing a mocking look. While he continues moaning Lucas's name. He then turned back his eyes to Lucas and continued to moan. "Mmmfffp! Unnf. Mmm-ahh. L-lucas what if your girlfriend f-finds out I feel bad.A-aahh... Ahn... Mngh-ph! Uhmn. Ah. Nnnf. A-a-ahhmmn." Zero asked between his hot moans while making a guilty expression. " "Don't worry about her Zero, I deal with her, you're too nice. I love you so much" Lucas replied while kissing Zero's head. continuing to fuck him. Zero blushed " I I love you too Lucas." Zero said shyly. Lucas looked at his face and couldn't help but continue to kiss him everywhere. his lover was just too cute.

Zero knew that Jenny will probably not enter the room after she heard what Lucas said. It was very clear that he would choose him if she budged in the room to catch them in the act.

She clutched her hands making them turn white and left with anger, jealousy, and much other emotion in her eyes as he tears flew down her cheeks.

Zero and Lucas continued fucking till they were tired they had done it more than 10 times since Lucas couldn't get enough of Zero's seductive body and cute face.

(End of Flashback of the scene )

After that day Zero and Lucas continued dating. Even though Jenny knew, she had loved Lucas and couldn't give him up. which made her not tell Lucas that she had seen him cheating on her. Zero and Lucas continued their relationship and then even announced it, Zero even destroyed Jenny's reputation at the school. He had planned to not do anything to her but she decided it was a good idea to provoke him so she got what she wanted.

Even though Zero had this habit of stealing their boyfriend he was loyal to whoever he was dating at that current time. He never made his boyfriend's we're a green hat.


Zero was going back home today on foot because he just wanted to, his boyfriend could have driven him home but the weather was good, so he decided to go home walking. his boyfriend wanted to walk with Zero to make sure he was safe but Zero refused gently.

As Zero was now crossing the road he saw a car coming towards him at a high speed, he couldn't even react before he was run over.

Loading.....0%....10%.....30%...60%...90%....100%... "The bond has completed" A cold robotic voice spoke.

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