1 Prologue

"Excuse me?"

"Nice to meet you host. I'm system 013, a system specialized to beat the female lead of fantasy novels."

"Which means?" Oh my god say it, say it, say it,I'm begging you to say it again.

'There's no need to beg host,"said the cold mechanical voice.

"I'm a system that specialized in punishing the female lead in fantasy novels. Since, due to them "casually" getting in trouble that people die."

"which means?" I asked again.

"Which means that due to your extreme hate for the female lead I choose you to be my host for the rest of the eternity or until you die."

"Yes!!!!" oh my god. I'm not even gonna bother lying, all i ever wanted was to be like those transmigrators who use the knowledge of their previous lives to succeed in the next one. I mean instead of living a life where you don't even know what's gonna happen after you die, isn't it more exciting to know that you're gonna go conquering worlds here and there.

"Are you done?" Asked the mechanical voice when it saw that if it didn't stop me, I wasn't gonna stop.

"Not quite. However, don't I get a decision in this?"

"Well technically you're not dead.You're in a coma. So, you have the choice to go back to your own body or accompany me while solving missions. However, I seriously doubt that you're gonna say no, due to how excited you seem and how boring your life was." It said.

'How rude' I thought. Sure, I wasn't living in adventures every single day but, I was decent looking, came from a good background, and very successful.

"The fact that you don't care you're gonna die pretty much shows how boring your life was, so no need to call me rude," said the voice.

"Yeah,can you stop reading my mind? I feel kind of invaded'" I stated.

"I can only listen to your orders once you accepted being my host'" it said

"What will happen to my body once I accept?" I asked

"It will stop working," it said.

"Interesting. So once i completed all the missions you have for me I won't be able to go back and live my life?" I asked.

"Of course not, once you complete the required number of missions, you will have three options.

A. Keep doing missions

B. Keep doing (a lot more) missions, to become a supervisor/immortal/god

C.Become a system." it said

"Well option B sounds the best," I said

"Not necessarily, becoming a supervisor is the hardest thing there is. You will have to get full mark in all the missions you complete and once you become a supervisor you can't die. Which can be the worse punishment there is for some people," it said

"Does that mean you can't die?" I asked

"Yes, but not really. No one, except the supervisors, can actually kill me.However once I decide I don't want to keep living or I commit a serious crime in the eyes of supervisors, I can retired," it said

"That sound nice, you cab retired in some kind of tropical island with hotties."I said as I thought about my dream retirement.

"My soul will be disintegrated, and each molecule will be place on the surface of a different burning sun. And then my essence will be scooped out of my body with a flaming ladle and poured over hot diamonds" it said interrupting my thoughts.

"Okayyyy...So you used to be host before?" I asked

"Quite right.However , I don't have any memories of that time.Once you complete enough missions I will upgrade and recover all of my memories. So, what do you think?Would you like to be my host?" It asked.

"Sure, but are you male or female?"O asked,since I couldn't keep calling it "it" for the rest of eternity.

"That doesn't matter, I've been male and female. So,you can think of me as you want,"it said

"WAIT!!!!Am I also going to reincarnate as a male???!!! With a DICK???!!! HELL NO!!!!"I yelled

"If you do your first mission correctly you can your gender for your next reincarnation although you won't care about that in the future," it said

"Fine," I said like a sixteen year old girl, "but seriously, just choose a gender and a name.I don't wanna keep calling you 013 for the rest of eternity."I said still annoyed.

"Fine. I guess I don't mind being a male;you can choose the name if you want, I know you human like to do that." he said.

"You're talking like if you were never human, Liam. I said.

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"I guess the name could've been worse like little while or black." he said.

"Ohhhhhh, I see what you did. One of the most annoying characteristic of female leads." I said while laughing.

"Host since you already accepted me,I think we should start the mission." said Liam.

"Let's do it!!" I said with an excited smile...

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