24 Insane Conversation

If hers was the real poisoned drink, does it mean she exchanged the two glasses before going to him?

"Conscience?" He laughingly asked.

Jiang Xinyi did not remove her sideways glance from his face.

When the glass container was completely emptied out, she answered, "No. Not conscience. It's only doing what's right. I don't want to die. But I also don't want to kill."

She showed a bitter smile, her eyes glimmering the kind of glow which could make even the most heartless of men sympathize.

"Thank our blood connection, Jiang Li. Or else I wouldn't care even if my parents killed you just so uncle would be distracted and grief-stricken for a week or two."

'Wow. That sounds cold-blooded. I wonder how my death will benefit Jiang Wen's plan. Diversion?' He laughingly thought.

Then a second later, the smile on his lips vanished as he said,

"I thank you then. But since you have started this sensitive talk, my lovely cousin, I'll be honest with you. I don't care what your father tries to do. But just don't cross me. And targeting what my family owns is crossing me."

"This is not about who's crossing who. All I want to say is that you would have died if I handed you what you originally should receive."

With a laugh, he replied, "Please don't think I'm a simple bastard by saying this. I admire you for sticking to your ideals to the point of defying your parents. However, if you want to really impress me, why do you have to purposely inform me that I was supposed to be poisoned? And why do you think you'd easily be able to poison me?"

His first question was referring to how Jiang Xinyi could have just disposed of the two wines somewhere and pretend that nothing happened.

That would appear more glorious.

He would have been more impressed since it meant that she planned to carry the burdens by herself.

As for his second question, the woman answered in a matter of fact tone,

"Maybe because I know there's a little chance to poison you that I did this. But what if I succeeded? How can be so sure that I won't be able to accomplish it?"'

Jiang Li crossed his arms and leaned on the wall as he laughed.

"I'm loving our current insane conversation. Where else will you see two blood-related people from different camps talking lightly about poison and schemes?"

The lady in red shook her head and added,

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"You're diverting the topic. But thankfully, my memory's quite sharp. About your first question, why should not I inform you? I am a woman who has suffered enough from keeping my silence before. So why would I work and do something for free or without informing them that I did something for them? That's stupidity."

Translation: In a sense, I saved you. Why would I play the masochistic martyr hero's role and not tell you that I deflected danger for you?

'Quite the point.'

He couldn't help but admit.

This woman must have applied what she learned from her past relationship with Cheng Yijun to this talk.

He chuckled and noted this in his mind and then parted with the girl after telling her,

"Fine. You make sense, and I owe you one."

'As if.'

The relief and faint smile that graced her face told him she was expecting him to say those words.

It made him feel like something troublesome and heavy just fell on his shoulders.

He wondered,

'If this woman is being like this, Jiang Wen must be planning something horrible or unforgivable again. Just what the heck is it? Or am I simply reading too much into this? Which one?'

Jiang Li looked in the distance where his father and mother could be seen laughingly entertaining their guests.

He subconsciously thought, 'I hope in the next life, I would be an orphan or someone with no one else to worry apart from the villainess.'

Yet while he was saying this, his eyes were actually showing warmness.

Two years was not long.

But it was enough to thaw a frozen heart, even for a bit. Especially if the people surrounding that heart showered it with genuine and unadulterated love and care.

To show its owner, him, that even though he was just a passerby in this world, a life with love, even if it was just familial love, was still a life that's been lived.



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