19 Alienated mother x son eager for maternal love (19)

The serene serenity of the

storm'Lin ' in the hall Lin Lulu occasionally looked at Rong Yan while doing official duties while holding a folk story in the chaise longue Lying on his side, he was secretly happy, thinking, the man who really worked hard was the most handsome...

Rong Yan felt that there was a sight on him, he knew who he was, he looked up, spoiled and said, "Lady This Yao stared at me, did you think again..." He said with a trace of evil

energy ~ Halo, this man, how can you think of all this day, can't you think of some positive energy? We can't have a platonic love...

a glance at him. Look down and continue to look at the script in your hand... The story in the script tells that a scholar met a mistress who was living outside. The next development must be, everyone knows that the scholar is with the lady, and then the lady returns home , The scholar has lived a happy life since the young lady flew Huang Tengda...Isn't this the Cinderella boy version...

is looking at the energy, and suddenly feels half dark in the upper part of the book...I looked up in surprise and saw Rong Yan's smile a little bit Belly dark, Lin Lulu shrank in fear, and looked like a raped good woman... said: "You...you...what do you want to do?"

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Who knew Rongyan was a little surprised that she didn't perform, but instead The deputy wanted to play with her, the smile on the corner of the mouth was even wider: "Haha, little girl, what do you want me to do?" He said that he wanted to pluck Lin Lulu's clothes away.

This time she was anxious, her face burst into red, and her eyes grunted: "You, you...you're a rogue..." I couldn't help but said such words to Rongyan.

Speaking of Rong Yan's very useful appearance, a funny look on her face moved her, and said, "I only play with you..." The last word, twirling, he was close to Lin Lulu's ear, Lin Lulu I just felt the heat in my ears, my body softened immediately, and the eyes on my face were even more wet, tempting, and Rong Yan saw the scene in front of me, and my heart was hot, I kissed Lin Lulu's pink tempting mouth, and Said: "I will not only brush the rogue, but also eat you..." Then closed my eyes and kissed Lin Lulu, this time he did not let go of her!

Lin Lulu hurriedly blocked her, but unfortunately, he put his hands on the top of his head, and he could only watch him being violated... "Well..." The tongue was naturally sucked and numbed, and the teeth were licked. In a circle, Lin Lulu didn't be angry, fought back, wrapped his tongue around him, and the battlefield changed. Taking advantage of his surprised expression, he swept across his upper jaw. He groaned softly, like a very comfortable look, and finally When you came to me, the kiss ended, Rong Yan did not let go of her, and began to

pluck her clothes... Lin Lulu guarded herself tightly and said, "You come true, but now it is daytime..." Wrinkled his nose and looked at him drippingly, a smirk of'Unexpected...'.

Rong Yan saw this, and his heart was even more moving... The action was even more rapid "dial", but unexpectedly, the door was suddenly knocked outside, Lin Lulu smirked and said: "It seems that someone is not working now... "" He said that he also scanned his hard object up against his stomach...

Rong Yan's face was red, and he looked at Lin Lulu in exasperation. He waited for you after a while, and kissed her fiercely. He said in his ear: "Wait a little longer...hmm..."

What is behind the ghost, arrogant...

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