62 Serena's Warning

"Miss Elysia, have a nice day." Said a student before saying goodbye.

It was the umpteenth student who had greeted and exchanged words with her and Evelyn before they returned to their respective activities. All the students who greeted them knew their limits so as not to make Elysia or Evelyn uncomfortable, they didn't want to irritate them.

"Phew... That was quite overwhelming." Evelyn wiped her non-existent sweat from her forehead in relief.

"Hehe... That was the last one. Oh right, the four of you are so close. Do you want to talk about something?" Elysia smiled curiously at her four acquaintances who seemed to be waiting for something.

"That's right, we are waiting for our turn to talk to you." Joanna smiled wryly.

"Just one day and you've become so famous." Lana could only be amazed at her two new friends.

"Yes! How could that not happen, Miss Elysia and Miss Evelyn ran away from morning class because of the teacher." Betty pumped her hands in agreement.

"Maybe there will come a time when you won't have time to talk to us." Maggie seemed to be lamenting something while looking down.

"Nee, don't say that. We're not very important people, are we Eve?" Elysia nudged the girl beside her to join the conversation.

"Un, right! Don't look down on yourself, Maggie. We are all students, it doesn't matter if Ely is the queen and I am the princess." Evelyn nodded vigorously and set an imprecise example.

"Hey, why am I the queen? I'm just a girl from home, do you remember?"

"Hehe... I believe in you, really." Evelyn smiled playfully. Even though she said it that way, in truth she just thought Elysia was playing around.

"Hehe... You two have become very close."

"Yes, Ely is my best friend. We have a lot in common, including our hobbies." Evelyn announced excitedly to her four new friends.

"Wow, that's amazing!" The usually cheerful Betty was also happy.

"Miss Elysia, can we talk for a moment?"

Suddenly came a girl's voice that was rather flat right from behind Elysia and Evelyn. Elysia still memorized this girl's voice well, then she turned around without showing many expressions.

There was one person who seemed to be leading a line of three. The girl folded her arms with a proud face.

'Lil Ely, now that girl again. Don't be like before, fight her if necessary. You're not alone anymore remember? I'm always here, and this Evelyn girl also looks so nice. So don't be too nice to this girl called Serena.' Elena reminded, it's time to fix the bad memories that ever existed.

'I will do my best, pray for me.'

Elysia exhaled a breath while fixing her mood. She had made a deal with Elena while in the library to get rid of the fear that sometimes clouded her decision.

"Good afternoon, Miss Serena. Yes, you can speak to me." Elysia gave a friendly greeting.

"That's great. Miss Evelyn, I'll borrow your best friend for a moment." Serena turned to Evelyn, she didn't even put the four girls who were with them in her eyes.

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"Um, okay." Evelyn just nodded thinking, if Elysia was about to talk to Serena so why ask her permission?

"Miss Elysia, please follow me. Cora, Nico, stay with them for a moment." Serena nodded at Evelyn before walking to the other side of the hallway where the other girls couldn't see or hear their later conversation.

She needed to make sure and guarantee something, Cora and Nico were there to stop other girls from eavesdropping.

"Yes, master."

Elysia saw Serena's two servants join Eve's small group for a little chat about day-to-day business and then walk to the other side of the corridor, where Serena is waiting for her with an annoyed expression.

"Hey, listen carefully. I did tell you four days ago not to come to my bad side if you don't want trouble from me, but after I thought about it your existence seemed to be insulting me."

Serena grabbed Elysia's arm and made her lean against the wall, then she jerked her hand against the wall next to Elysia's head with a menacing expression.

Elysia silently just looked Serena in the eye while estimating all the possibilities that might occur, the subject matter, and the best solution. She doesn't need to be afraid anymore because Elena is singing with her limitless support.

"You see this platinum card? This card you gave it to me, remember? I don't want any rumors or you reporting to the teachers and anyone about this card, you understand?" Serena snapped but kept the volume down.

"Sigh... What do I hear now? I thought you wanted to talk about something important so you wanted to talk privately, but all I hear is your insecurities, Miss Serena."

Elysia sighed softly because what she thought was a big case was just a matter that Elena considered trivial. In her mind, Elena was making fun of Serena and giving 'Boo-ing'.

"You want to fight me?" Serena frowned, still looking menacing.

"I offered the card to you and you took it, I don't mind because it means nothing to me. To be honest, I feel grateful to have Evelyn as my dormmate with your silver card. I won't report or anything and you can rest easy having the platinum card. "

Elysia put her hands on the top of her chest as if ready to defend and attack if Serena goes overboard and wants to play violent. Unfortunately, Serena takes Elysia lightly and thinks of her as a terrified girl.

"Good if you understand, I like obedient girls. I raise your value in my eyes, and I give you the honor to talk to me in class. See you again, the commoner who takes cover using the princess of the northern kingdom." Serena patted Elysia on the shoulder once before grunting and leaving, not forgetting her arrogant words.

Elysia also left there to return to Evelyn and her acquaintances who must be still waiting.

"Cora, Nico, let's go. We excuse ourselves first, Miss Evelyn."

"Okay." Evelyn nodded at Serena, but her attention was on the approaching Elysia.

Serena goes away with her two servants somewhere and no one cares about it. Meanwhile, Elysia returned next to Evelyn who was looking at her with a worried face.

"Ely, are you okay? I don't want to look rude but I feel like nothing good comes from that girl named Serena. Does she want something from you?"

"Hehe... It's nothing. Miss Serena just wanted me to keep a little secret for her." Elysia swept her hand to the side indicating all was well.

"That proud Miss Serena? Ah, you both missed yesterday's event."

"That's right, yesterday she showed how much talent she has with her platinum card."

"Not to mention her arrogant character, urgh! She doesn't even put people like the four of us in her eyes."

"Didn't Miss Serena just ignore us as if we didn't exist?"

One by one, the complaints of the four girls who seemed annoyed by yesterday's incident involving Serena were immediately told to Elysia and Evelyn.

"Um, as I thought. That girl named Serena has a bad personality. I'm grateful to be in the dorm room with Ely. If I was with a girl like Serena, maybe I would prefer to be a bum hmph!" Evelyn snorted cutely as she turned her face sideways and folded her arms, she also crossed Serena's name off the list of potential friends in her mind.

'I'm sorry, Eve. Maybe if I didn't trade my privilege card with Miss Serena, you'd be a real bum.' Elysia apologized in her mind and elicited laughter from Elena who had mocked Serena non-stop just a moment ago.

"Hehe... Being arrogant is natural if it can be matched with ability. We better ignore and not deal with Miss Serena if necessary. As long as she doesn't bother why upset? Oh yeah, don't you want to go to economy class? You will be late, you know." Elysia gave her point of view then tried to change the topic of conversation with a reminder.

"Oh yes, that's right! Then, see you again!"

The four girls immediately left there at a brisk sprint because the economy class would start in a few minutes.

Elysia smiled a little when she saw her four acquaintances running scurrying so they wouldn't be late, but when she felt relieved and calm, she was suddenly hugged by someone from behind.


'Someone knows me!?'

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