77 Serena's Thoughts

Instructor Dillon went to the real sword rack then put all the real swords into his [Space Bag]. The training ground is always open to students and real swords are not provided during free hours.

"Ely! You're so cool and amazing! You're like a knight princess!" Evelyn with a chirp of praise flew to Elysia's side, then caught the latter's hand with both hands.

Elysia just smiled sweetly at her friends who saw her with sparkling eyes full of admiration.

"Congratulations, Miss Elysia. You are a student who can complete the challenge from the teacher twice in a row." Joanna joined in.

"Yes, maybe if Miss Elysia will join all classes, then she will sweep away all the rewards hehe..." Betty joked casually, then Lana and Maggie also congratulated Elysia.

"Hehe... I can't join all the available classes, I also might not be able to get all the rewards in each class." Elysia giggled lightly.

Shortly before the other students wanted to congratulate or exchange words with Elysia, Instructor Dillon who had finished putting all the real swords into his [Space Bag] came back to her.

"Come on, Elysia girl."

"Yes, Instructor Dillon. Nee~ Eve, come with me to Instructor Dillon's arsenal." Elysia shook Eve's hand which was still holding hers.

"Sure, with pleasure." Evelyn smiled brightly and nodded lightly once.

"Okay, see you later. I hope you two have a good date this afternoon." Elysia waved her hand at four of her acquaintances.

"Wish you a beautiful day."

"Yes, I hope you two have a good day too."

Joanna, Lana, Maggie, and Betty answered a wave of hands from two great but friendly girls as the two of them went to follow Instructor Dillon out of the building.

Today there is no other class apart from the warrior class, Lana and Maggie still need to finish their date this afternoon and the other two will keep watch from afar to make sure what Maggie is worried about doesn't happen.

The other students were somewhat disappointed when they failed to greet and exchange words with the two goddesses before the two of them left, but one student and his vassal immediately left the building without anyone caring because other students also wanted to come out to return to their activities.

"Miss Elysia, can you wait a moment?" Brian exclaimed politely when he got close to the two girls following Instructor Dillon.

"Yes? Ah, Mr. Brian and Mr. David, how can I help you?" Elysia stopped then looked back. Not only did she stop and take a look, Evelyn and Instructor Dillon too.

"Could you please spare a moment for me?"

Brian stood right in front of Elysia and asked politely. He already wanted to talk to Elysia about the problem in the first class which was filled with self-introductions, he wanted to confirm something from her but in the last two days, he always failed to talk and ask her personally.

Because of that, he should make an appointment beforehand for that to her so that everything can be done, the message he got from the romance book he read yesterday.

Elysia tilted her head in confusion for a moment then looked at Instructor Dillon then back at Brian, she was going to Instructor Dillon's arsenal and it would be best not to delay it because it would be rude.

"How about you wait for me at the Resource Building? I'll be there after this."

"Oh, yes! Sure. Thank you. See you there." Brian smiled broadly and nodded, he didn't forget to salute Instructor Dillon before leaving.

"What do you think he wanted to talk about, Ely?" Evelyn turned to her best friend.

"I don't know either. We'll find out later, he really seems to have something bothering him on his mind." Elysia shrugged her shoulders.

"All I see is a boy who feels insecure and inexperienced. Anyway, come on. You still need to claim your reward, Elysia girl." Instructor Dillon expressionlessly watched Brian leave then he walked back towards his special place, Elysia and Evelyn immediately following him.

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All students have left the training field to return to their activities. Whether it's going on a date with the girl they just beat in the mock battle, training hard, or playing around. There was a group of three girls led by an annoyed girl who was walking in a direction that was completely different from the others.

"Damn, that damned Elysia dared to hurt me and steal all the attention from me! Why does she look perfect and have it all and I don't have it!" Serena started cursing while going in a different direction from the other students.

"She is friendly and kind, master. Why don't you just be friends with her?"

"Cora, why are you defending her more than me? You're my servant you know. I've already taken her platinum card and you want me to get along with her after all? Impossible!"

"You already have her platinum card then have claimed the platinum resource pack and enjoy some of the privileges that come from it. If you make her stay in the mansion, won't you be safe from suspicion, master?"

"Hmm... That's a great idea, Nico. I'll think about it. That girl won't be able to refuse me when I ask her later, or maybe that her princess friend will also come to live in the mansion. That way, everything is safe until I can surpass her abilities and talents easily hohoho~"

Serena laughed arrogantly by covering her mouth with the back of her hand, thinking that everything would go according to her plan.

Even though she is the only daughter of the Scott Duke Family, she has also never received magic training due to her concerns about repercussions and backlash from failed use of magic energy.

Humans can only use magic after the age of 16 at the 'Apprentice' level when their nerves are strong enough to sustain a stronger flow of magical energy and store it in the body.

The academy is the only place for the younger generation to ensure any failure does not occur. In every academy, all the turmoil of magic energy will always be monitored and the academy has special techniques and methods to deal with it if things get out of hand.

Before entering this academy, Serena had never touched an Energy Core or anything related to magic at all, she just tried to slowly absorb the pure energy of the Energy Core yesterday.

There were many valuable items that she got in that platinum package, some resources that were quite difficult for her family to get because of the rarity of these items.

The consumable items and support devices in the package are very useful for the development of her body's energy and can increase her level quickly but safely if she follows the list of recommendations provided in the package.

By reaching second grade, Serena would not only receive the resources from the academy but also from her family, and by that time she would already have the talent worthy of having this loot card.

Even though in this academy all student status would have the same status as just a student and lose their aristocratic power, the temptation of power and various kinds of wealth or resources from a talented person were still being considered by other students, right?

Serena smiled as she imagined a beautiful future but it didn't last long, when she walked a few steps suddenly her blood felt cold following her shocked self.

There were two women and one man in student uniforms but what distinguished the two women from the ordinary students was the blue armband with the emblem on their long-sleeve uniforms.

"You are Serena Scott, correct? Can you follow me to the student council room now? I have something important to discuss with you."

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