56 Afraid of Lightning

Night came and replaced the daytime with the bright sky to become the dark night sky with thick clouds, heavy rain suddenly fell with flashes of lightning that occasionally appeared in the night sky filled with black clouds.

A beautiful girl in a comfortable pajama dress was currently looking out the window of her room with a calm and happy face, her purplish-blue eyes that seemed to sparkle beautifully whenever lightning flashed in the night sky.

Some time ago, she and Evelyn had spent their time cooking various kinds of dishes together, and after lunch the two of them continued to cook several more trial dishes to create some delicious new menus.

Thanks to the knowledge that Elysia learned in the Holy Library for three days and two nights, she learned many new things and one of them is the food ingredients that exist in this world.

Elysia proposed to Evelyn to create some experimental dishes for the new menu by combining recipes she knew from Earth and the knowledge she learned from the library.

The results are very satisfying and fun, they managed to make some delicious dishes as new menus and some of them that can last a long time stored in the food storage cupboard as a supply of snacks.

'Master, what are you looking at out there?'

A beautiful and cute white cat climbed into the window frame then saw her master who was feeling so calm and happy, somehow she also felt happy because she was influenced by her master.

'There's nothing I see out there. I feel calm in my soul when I listen to the falling raindrops. ' Elysia grabbed Vanessa gently before hugging her and leading the white cat in her arms to look out the window together.

Vanessa was silent and listened to the pouring rain along with her master in the time that was running so calmly even though it was raining hard outside, and they ignored the roar of thunder.

The white cat closed her eyes while purring as her master began to caress her body so gently. She really enjoyed this time when she was given so much attention from her master. Vanessa purring so comfortably that she finally fell asleep in her master's warm embrace.

'Fuah... Lil Ely, we'd better sleep too.' Elena yawned from Elysia's Soul Realm while preparing herself for sleep and Elysia's spirit was used as her hugging pillow.

'I still want to see the rain for a moment. Natural rain is quite rare on this planet.'

'Then I'll go to sleep first. Good night, Lil Ely.' Elena closed her eyes and floated in her beautiful sleep.

'Yes, good night to you too Sister Elena.' Elysia smiled softly.

When Elena embraced her spirit that also floated in the Soul Realm, she always felt the warmth that she felt right from within her soul and she really enjoyed this moment when she really didn't feel alone even on the cold and lonely night.

She spent some time there, other natural rains may only come in a few weeks or months, given the volume of the ocean and land on the planet is so unbalanced.

Based on the rough map of the entire planet in the library, this planet is much bigger than Earth with water covering no more than twenty-five percent of the planet.

Elysia exhaled a calm breath while feeling satisfied enjoying the sound of raindrops, she closed the curtains and decided to sleep too remembering the highly-anticipated magic class tomorrow morning.

The knowledge of magic in the library was so crude as to explain the technique and it made Elysia not understand anything of what was written there.

*knock* *knock*

The knocking sound from the bedroom door rang as Elysia was approaching the bed. She didn't think for a long time before opening the bedroom door to see who was knocking.

"You haven't slept yet, Eve? What's wrong?" Elysia felt a little worried when she saw the scared face of her dormmate.

"Ely, can I sleep with you tonight? The rain and these flashes of lightning make me afraid to sleep alone." Evelyn and her cuddly doll came to visit in a pinch.

"Oh, all right. Please come in."

Evelyn entered the room after being welcomed by Elysia and immediately headed to the bed to hide under the blanket when she saw a flash of lightning outside the window followed by the sound of thunder.

"Are you afraid of lightning?" Elysia put Vanessa on the other side of the bed before lying down on the empty side between the cowering Evelyn and the sleeping Vanessa.


Elysia only needed that word to understand everything about what was going on. She stretched out her hand and opened the blanket that wrapped Evelyn's body, the poor girl looked at Elysia with slightly teary eyes and a scared expression.

"Hehe... Good girl, don't be afraid. Lightning can occur because there is a potential difference between the cloud and the ground or with other clouds. As long as you take cover in a closed room, you will be fine."

Elysia hugged that poor looking girl in her arms and covered her ears gently, she also used her magic to block out all the sounds coming from outside.

Elysia's approach calmed Evelyn who was still afraid of lightning even though she was sixteen years old. She finally closed her eyes and fell asleep peacefully while hugging the girl she just met whom she quickly considered as her best friend.

Elysia smiled and pulled her hands back from Evelyn's ears before closing her eyes to sleep.

The heavy rain at night turned into a refreshing morning, the morning sun cheerfully appeared with birds chirping with joy that the storm was over.

Elysia woke up from her sleep with a few strands of black hair and golden hair on her face. She pushed aside the strands of her hair and the strands of the girl hugging her tummy before releasing her soundproof magic.

"Eve, it's morning. Come on, let's get up, we have a morning class."

"It's morning already? Give me another five minutes..." Evelyn deliriously buried her face in the neck of the girl she was hugging.

Because of that, Elysia felt goosebumps as Evelyn exhaled a breath right against her neck. She immediately pushed aside the arm that was hugging her tummy and then breathed directly into Evelyn's ear in retaliation.

"It's morning, let's wake up."

Evelyn felt goosebumps but also a little tingled, the weak girl in the morning finally opened her eyes.

"Um, I'm up. What time is it?" The girl who was still half-conscious managed to sit up from the gravity of the bed.

"I don't know, maybe we were late?" Elysia shook her head, right now she doesn't have a clock to tell the time even though she is used to getting up early.

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"What? Could it be that we're late for class? We'll be punished, Ely..."

Evelyn looked around and did not find a tool to tell the current time, then she immediately ran into her room with a panicked face to prepare quickly.

Elysia just smiled at Evelyn's behavior, she also got out of bed and cleaned her body with her magic and immediately changed into her school uniform. After that, she tidied up her bed with her magic too before waking up Vanessa and Elena.

Not long after, Evelyn in her full school uniform returned to Elysia's room carrying a small square object.

"Ely, it's still six o'clock and I'm already frantically getting ready to go... Take this, it's a tool to show the current time."

"Um, thanks." Elysia just accepted it and placed it on the table near her bed.

They eat their light breakfast and enjoy hot tea in the morning together. Vanessa skipped breakfast because she was still full from eating a lot of food that her master and Evelyn cooked yesterday.

When it was half-past eight, they went to the academy for the morning class which would be held in half an hour. Meanwhile, Vanessa followed her master with her camouflage as usual.

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