Quick Transmigration: Finding Love For The Male God Book

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Quick Transmigration: Finding Love For The Male God


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Ying Yue was the newly hired, cute and overly moe Agent belonging to the System Organisation, her work description was: [Across the realms and across the heavens, we must make sure all the Male Gods are happy with their true love!] So Ying Yue took up all her energy, all her brainpower to find a cute sister-in-law, but alas why were the Male Gods so weird?! ×× Mini Theater ×× Ying Yue: "Your highness Male God, I bought back a bunch of pretty sisters, please take a pick!" The Male God in question: "They're all too smelly." Months later, Yingyue bought back another batch of pretty sisters: "Male God, how about these? Look at the bosoms, look at the buttocks!" The Male God who was eating lunch with his mother: "They don't look tasty." Dejected Ying Yue and her sidekick went off to find another batch, but this time it was a group of green tea and white lotus sisters. Ying Yue: "Your highness, how about these, they can cry and cry, you won't have to worry about your bath water anymore!" The Male God who was currently halfway through a rebellion: "They're too loud, smelly and don't look tasty." The pitiful Agent and her Manager both threw their hands up in the air. What smelly, what tasty I'm not even finding food for you: "Then what do you want?!" The Male God who casually sat on the blood-covered throne looking hungrily down at the cute little rabbit: "You."


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