Quick Transmigration: Counterattack of the side characters Book

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Quick Transmigration: Counterattack of the side characters


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I was a good person, that's what I believed so why did this happen to me what did I do to deserve this torture this pain. I swear if I had a chance to start over or to break free from this place I would take it, for anything, even if it destroys me. A man died betrayed by his best friend, ended up with a system. He was put through torture and pain for thousands of worlds, eventually he stopped fighting back until one fatefully day that he was finally freed and this man was named Shang Zi. Will Shang Zi find his happy ending and learn to trust after everything he was put through? This is my first book, English is not my first language so there might be grammar and spelling mistakes. This book is fully owned and written by me so please don't copy None of the art is mine and if it is I'll mention it This is also bl so if you don't like that you can click off This is also on Wattpad Start - 2/8/21 End - ?


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