1 Lost


What is lost

Is it a place

Is it a person

Or is it both

Im lost with nowhere to go

No way to think

To way to cope with the unsettled thoughts

The emotions that consume me with being


There comes a time that we are lost

Being pulled in all directions

Not knowing which way is up or down

If were inside or outside

Or nowhere in between

Who do we turn to in these troubled times

When we don't know what to do with ourselves



Who do you go to when you feel you have no one left

The feeling of being alone but not

The feeling of having friends in the moment but not in reality

The feeling of having family there but not at the same time

The feeling that no one you know understands the moment your living in

No one to help you be found as you stubble trying to find your way

At a time when we don't know what to do with ourselves

How do we find the path to our clarety

Our salvation from our fears

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How do we cope with not knowing all the answers

How do we survive when we are alone


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