1 Chapter 1:Heartbreak(edited)

"NO" crying desperately, dropping to her knees. "HOW COULD YOU!" Kaira looks up, and in the pouring rain, she sees her husband kissing her stepsister.

"Kaira, it was my mistake of marrying the wrong person. My love for you was never there, I only love your sister."Rillion stated coldly, looking down at Kaira.

" I'm so sorry big sis, but we're in love. There plenty of other fish in the sea, you can always find another lover."Wendi stated sweetly, but sneered afterwards.

Wendi and Rillion walked away together, leaving Kaira sobbing. She thinks ' how... how could this happen, why did he leave me?Why did he have to go to my sister?WHY!' The pouring rain hits her face, as she looks up at the sky. She continues to cry in the rain, slowly getting up and walking home. The next few days, Kaira stayed in her house. She wasn't eating anything, she wasn't playing her instruments or on the computer as she usually does. She wasn't reading any books, as she loves to do. Instead, she was laying in her bed, huddled in a fetus position, crying silently.

On the 7th day, she gets up and grabs a small blade. Kaira walks to her bathroom silently and closes the door. She looks at herself in the mirror for the first time in days. She sees her messy hair, her red puffy eyelids, and her bright red nose.

'How stupid are you Kaira? You think anyone would love you? As the ugly mess you are?'Kaira battles with her inner self telling her she deserved losing Rillion, that she should leave this world because she's nothing but a waste of space.

Sadly, she allows her inner self to take over. She starts to cut her wrist horizontally and when the pain first hit, she stopped. She tried to continue, but she just couldn't. She couldn't cut her wrists no matter how badly she wanted to. She just couldn't stand the pain that came with cutting. She stopped and placed the blade down on the counter. She found some bandages and wrapped it around her cut. She decided that she shouldn't do it, that a man was not worth getting hurt or dying over. She then climbs back onto her bed, wrapping herself with blankets and laying down once again.

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