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Queen of the World

by ImReallyTired

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After being cheated on by her husband with her stepsister, Karia had fallen into despair. When she finally was able to recover from her despair she went to walk outside. But then, she sees her ex-husband and her step sister kissing and hugging affectionately. This caused Karia’s emotions from that day to come back. Then she made the decision to jump in front of a car, killing herself. As her soul was about to fade into the abyss, something grabbed at her and pulled her back into the world, in the form of a baby. This baby’s name was Valerie Shounmen, the bastard daughter of Malcolm Shounmen. Here’s Valerie Shounmen’s journey into becoming the queen of the world! Im a very lazy person, so the chapter uploads will be very irregular. I have no set schedule and I upload when I feel like it. Also, since i read other novels,for inspiration for how i want my story line to go, this can delay a chapter upload. Please bear with me till i can figure out how my story will go from beginning to end. Thank You For Reading!!

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