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Bellatrix has ruled over her kingdom on her own for the past four years since the death of her father but not everyone wants to be ruled by a woman. Her Advisor has advised her to get herself a king before things get out of hand but she refuses to let a stranger rule her Kingdom. And certainly not the handsome mysterious stranger staring at her from across the room. Excerpt: "What are you doing?" Bellatrix asks pressing the dagger harder on Ravine's neck. He stares at her quietly. She was so swift but not as swift as he is. He grabs her left hand pressing it to her back and her right containing the dagger to her neck as her back now presses against him. "Let go of me!" She orders but he just presses the danger even harder biting at her soft skin as she hisses. "You're the one who attacked me." "You were following me." He looks down at the furious girl forgetting about the dagger giving her the opportunity to free herself. She grabs her dagger back and gets out of his hold ready to leave but he's still holding her left hand. "You didn't think I'd let you go that easily." "Let go of me, you pervert!" "Pervert? Why, you don't know anything about perverts." "I know enough to know you're one, now let go." He let's go of her hand but quickly pins her against the wall. "You told me to let go of you but not leave you." 'Alright pervert, I've head enough.'she says mainly to herself before lifting her knee and kicking him right where it'd hurts most. At least til she escapes. He falls to his knee and stares at her in disbelief as she gracefully walks away like nothing happened. *Oh, hi. I'm Tanisha. This is practically my first ongoing book so I beg of you to please put up with it. Otherwise, thanks for giving me a chance. PS: THIS AIN'T MY COVER. thanks


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